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Mar. 1, 2021

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Mar. 1, 2021

ZNC is a new synergist developed by Pengbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  ZNC promotes plant growth and resistance to stress at concentrations ranging from 0.05-10 ppb, which are the trace amount.

“Without doubt, 0.5% ZNC is effective when diluted 1000000-2000000 times for irrigation.”

The highly active ZNC brings extremely low usage cost - the cost of one bucket diluted ZNC is only RMB 0.03, but it requires users to learn and use ZNC well.

With extremely low dosage, ZNC shows excellent efficacy on promoting plant growth and resistance to diseases - only 0.1-0.05 g ZNC per 15 kg water is needed for foliar spray. Increasing the dosage by 3-5 times would further enhance plant’s resistance to diseases, but the growth promoting efficacy would be reduced. Increasing the dosage by dozens of times, ZNC would temporarily inhibit plant growth. ZNC is safe and reliable when used in the field, compared to fertilizers that normally has harmful impact on crop when their applied concentrations are increased by 2-3 times. 

What do we need in post-plant growth regulator era? What does ZNC bring us?

ZNC is derived from wild endophytic fungi extracts, developed by Pengbo Biotech. This is a groundbreaking product which has special activity and comprehensive efficacy. 

The company has conducted research on endophytic fungi extracts for nearly 10 years. ZNC technology includes wild endophytic fungi screening, fermentation, extract, separation and purification. It also proves Pengbo’s ability in conducting research on the efficacy of a group and individual ingredients, formulation, application in pesticides and fertilizers, as well as testing.

Fertilizer production in post-plant regulation era requires active/low cost synergist. As a highly effective fungi-derived biostimulant, the trace amount substance ZNC will contribute to the industry to enter “analogous plant regulator era”—high efficacy with low cost just like plant growth regulators.

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