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FMC launches new fungicide Onsuva in Argentinaqrcode

Feb. 25, 2021

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Feb. 25, 2021

FMC launches new fungicide Onsuva in Argentina

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages

In Argentina, FMC announced the commercial pre-launch of its new fungicide, Onsuva, which prevents and controls diseases affecting soybean and peanut crops. The product consists of two active ingredients, which are fluindapyr, a new carboxamide owned by FMC, combined with difenoconazole. 

According to the company, the objective of the new product is to offer an innovative broad-spectrum fungicide for controlling leaf diseases. Fluindapyr has a marked systemic effect and a preventive, curative and eradicating action that interferes with the mitochondrial respiration of fungal cells.

On the other hand, difenoconazole, from the triazole family, has a mode of action that inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis, as well as a contact and systemic effect with the same preventive, curative and eradicative capacities.

Matías Retamal, Manager of Fungicides at FMC, said, “Onsuva can be absorbed by leaves and has marked translaminar and redistribution within the plant, so a higher rate of pathogen control is achieved, to the extent that in a matter of minutes, its combined features ensure a high percentage of control, quickly stopping pathogenic infections present during application and preventing subsequent effects that would undoubtedly cause new crop issues.”

“As we all know, when it comes to monitoring, certain pathogens can be observed, but we also know that there are hidden pathogens that we must always take into account. It is a technological novelty not only for Argentina, but also for the entire world. It is the first fungicide in our portfolio containing carboxamide and can be extensively used on plantations,” he added.

“Applying Onsuva in a preventive manner offers remarkable persistence and protection for our pathogen-free crops, in addition to increasing the ‘Stay Green’ of crops, a characteristic virtue of carboxamides, which, in the long-term, means maximizing yields and quality obtained. The field studies we have done showed an increase of 10% to 14% compared to a control not containing Onsuva,” Retamal stressed.

Source: AgroNews


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