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Feb. 10, 2021

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Feb. 10, 2021

AgroPages will continue to release market reports of popular pesticide technicals to help overseas buyers understand the supply pattern and development trends, so to effectively make sourcing strategies.

Herbicide: Cyhalofop-butyl

Main Target Crop: Paddy rice field

Cyhalofop-butyl  is  the  only aryloxy phenoxy propionate(APP) herbicide  that  has  high safety to paddy fields. It has a wide control spectrum, with special effects on sprangletop, barnyard  grass,  and  effective  to more  than  30  kinds  of grass weeds.  It can also control weeds that are resistant toquinclorac, sulfonylurea and amide herbicides. 

As  an  excellent herbicide for  the  control  of  weeds  in  paddy  fields,  the  peak  demand  for cyhalofop-butyl techincal in  Chinese  market  is  4,000  tons,  and  is  currently  stable  at 2,500-3,000 tons. The Chinese market for cyhalofop-butyl is fiercely competitive. 

However,  the  international  market  demand  for  cyhalofop-butyl stays only  600-700  tons. The  application  of  this herbicide in  some major rice-growing  countries  overseas  has  not been valued much. For example, India has the world's largest rice planting area, but there is no  cyhalofop-butyl  technical  registration held  by  India  companies, with very  few participants.

Cyhalofop-butyl market  in  other  major  rice-growing  countries of Southeast Asia is also not as hot as in China. With  the  release  of  production  capacity  of  cyhalofop-butyl in  China, how  many  market opportunities exist in overseas’paddy fields market in the future?

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Report Contents

  • Preface

  • Product and Market Overview

  • Synthesis Route & Key Intermediates

  • ICAMA Registration Status & Mainstream Brands

  • Production Capacity & Supplying Status

  • Main Destinations of Export & Quantities

  • Price Fluctuation

  • Discussion of Market Trend

Report Highlight

  • Key Intermediates

(S)-2-(4-toluenesulfonyloxy) butyl propionate;


Main Manufacturer:**(2000 tons), **(5000 tons), **(3000 tons), ***(3000 tons)

  • Registration Status

ICAMA Registration: 387

TC Registration: 32

Mixture Registration:136

Main Mixture: Penoxsulam,Metamifop,Bispyribac-sodium,Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl


  • Production Capacity


Capacity   (ton/year)

















  • Exporting Countries & Quantities

2019 data

TC export: 414 tons; 12.37 million USD

Formulation export: 1,077 tons; 12.48 million USD

Exporters: 40

Destination countries: 21

Top 3 countries: Russia, Philippine, Vietnam

  • Price Fluctuation



-In February 2020, Cyhalofop butyl TC appeared in short supply, when only *** was still running its production with an output of 400 tons, which are mostly supplied to Corteva, whilst a small quantity was reserved for its own purpose. 

-The short supply of Cyhalofop butyl TC stimulated other manufacturers to start production and the quotations went down. 

-In October 2020 *** released 500-600 tons of goods, at a price down to Yuan135,000 per ton, which already fell below the cost price at that time. 

-*** and *** offered a price at Yuan138,000 per ton. 

-Since the end of 2020 up to date, the price has somewhat picked up, where the price on the main market stays at Yuan140,000-145,000 per ton, of which *** is quoting at Yuan139,000-140,000 per ton.

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