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Albaugh MiCrop fungicide powered by F Value technology will be launched across the United States this springqrcode

Feb. 5, 2021

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Feb. 5, 2021
MiCrop Fungicide
Azoxystrobin 13.5%+Propiconazole 11.7%
Company:Albaugh, LLC

● MiCrop™ Fungicide Powered by F Value™ Technology delivers Innovation, Proven Performance and Enhanced Fungicide Return on Investment
● MiCrop™ fungicide “Seeing is Believing” campaign proves performance across U.S. market in corn, soybeans and cereals
● MiCrop™ fungicide will be launched in the spring of 2021

MiCrop™ Fungicide Powered by F Value™ Technology will be launched across the United States this spring, targeting corn, soybeans, cereals and rice. MiCrop™ fungicide is an optimized formulation developed specifically for azoxystrobin and propiconazole that delivers enhanced performance and value.

Albaugh’s MiCrop fungicide is powered by F Value Technology, which helps deliver micronized active ingredients to help enhance uptake, targeting disease control and leading to healthier plants to help maximize fungicide return on investment. “Over the past two years, Albaugh has launched a MiCrop fungicide ‘Seeing is Believing’ campaign, allowing our channel partners to put MiCrop fungicide to the test in commercial field applications. Their results have been excellent,” says Chad W. Shelton, Albaugh’s Global Director of Innovation Technology. “Allowing our customers and the growers they serve to see the results and impact of MiCrop fungicide firsthand has been an excellent development process.”

The market has proven both the performance and the value of MiCrop fungicide. Over the past two years, ag retailers and their growers have conducted more than 89 MiCrop fungicide commercial field splits. In these field trials, MiCrop increased cereal yields by 5.9 bushels/acre versus conventional fungicides, enhanced corn yields by 7.9 bushels/acre versus competitive fungicides and untreated checks, and produced an average increase of 4.3 bushels/acre in soybean yields when compared to competitive fungicides or untreated checks.

“Our focus with the F Value Technology platform is to enhance the performance and value of world-class active ingredients. MiCrop fungicide is a perfect example of that focus,” explains Mark Helt, Albaugh’s North America Commercial Director. “F Value Technology is Albaugh’s innovation platform that allows a strategic focus on identifying technologies around the globe that can be used in formulation development, that together can enhance the performance of individual fungicide active ingredients.”

“MiCrop fungicide represents a unique technology that our channel partners can deliver to their customer base that adds value and enhanced performance on two proven but older active ingredients,” adds Andy Bogue, Albaugh’s U.S. Director of Sales. “Propiconazole and Azoxystrobin are 40 years and 25 years old, respectively, and MiCrop fungicide is delivering true innovation to give these two-fungicide active ingredients new life in the market.”

MiCrop™ Fungicide Powered by F Value™ Technology delivers Innovation, Proven Performance and Enhanced Fungicide Return on Investment and will be available from Albaugh’s distribution partners and ag retailers this spring.

Source: Albaugh


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