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Feb. 12, 2021

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Feb. 12, 2021

Established in 2010, Henan Baicao Biotech Co., Ltd. (Baicao) focuses on the R&D and production of biopesticides derived by fermentation. Since its establishment, Baicao has invested heavily in the R&D and production of spinosad and now owns practical technologies, such as engineering strains and production processes with independent intellectual property rights, which are pioneering in China. Spinosad is the flagship product of Baicao, and its R&D was granted the Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award by the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) in 2017.

Baicao officially launched two spinosad SC products, Spinosad 5% SC and Spinosad 25g/L SC, in the Chinese market in 2018. These products are based on macrolides derived from the fermentation extract of Saccharopolyspora spinosa. This compound acts on the nervous systems of pests, working as an effective bioinsecticide without being toxic to the environment. 

Advantages of the products

1) Quick action: They are able to paralyze and kill insect pests quickly. They work as fast as chemical pesticides.

2) Wide spectrum of target pests: They control lepidoptera, diptera, thysanoptera and coleoptera, as well as various foliar feeding orthoptera.

3) Safety: They are safe to the natural enemies of pests, mammals and crops. Produce can be sold two days after application. They are degradable and will not aggregate or pollute the environment, therefore, recommended by many organic evaluation organizations for use in organic farming.

4) No cross resistance: Due to their unique mode of action, there is no cross resistance with existing insecticides.

To address the issue of spinosad resistance in China, Baicao carried out hundreds of field and laboratory tests in two years and has developed patented formulation that successfully controls resistant thrips, plutella xylostella and noctuids.

Proper use of the product is essential to ensure that spinosad works well. However, most Chinese farmers lack knowledge of spinosad products and their application timings and methods, leading to unreliable product performance. To deal with this issue, Orange Team, a technical service team comprising more than 40 experts from Baicao, organizes training sessions for distributors and educates farmers on how to apply the products properly.


Orange Team’s training session


Orange Team in Mango farm in Sanya, China



Product test in Qujing, China (right – treated with product, left - untreated)

Baicao has a superior production capacity of technical products. The company strictly controls the quality of its products and has reduced the production costs of formulated products, as well as its purchasing costs for farmers. Baicao has now secured a solid market share for cash crops, such as fruits and vegetables, in Shandong, Hainan, Guangxi, Sichuan and other areas, with a good brand awareness and reputation. 

In addition, Baicao’s spinosad is OMRI-listed and is recognized by organic farms.

Advanced products from Baicao:

Technical product of Spinosad, Spinosad 25g/L SC, Spinosad 5% SC, Spinosad 480g/L SC

Technical product of Gibberellic Acid, Gibberellic Acid 10% tablet, Gibberellic Acid 3% EC

For more information about Baicao‘s products, please visit the company’s website>>


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  Yutian Lu


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