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JCN Group begins to integrate baculoviruses into caterpillar managementqrcode

Feb. 1, 2021

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Feb. 1, 2021

Grupo JCN
Brazil  Brazil

AgBiTech Pty Ltd
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JCN Group begins to integrate baculoviruses into caterpillar management

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages

One of the strong brands among the grain-producing groups in Brazil, the JCN Group introduced baculoviruses to the caterpillar management systems, in the 2020-2021 harvest season. 

The company conducted field studies with the line of bioinsecticides of the Austro-American company AgBiTech. Initially, JCN and AgBiTech jointly analyzed the action of baculovirus on caterpillars of the genus Spodoptera.

Managing director of the JCN Group, agronomist Kriss Corso stated that adherence to baculoviruses is being evaluated based on the company's central pillars. “JCN was founded, developed anchored in my grandfather's vision of the future, which was always concerned with the environment. We remain connected to this fundamental value, investing in sustainable production. ”

According to the businessman, in the current harvest, JCN will cultivate approximately 25,000 hectares of soy, 15,000 hectares of cotton, and 10,000 hectares of corn. The studies linked to the action of baculovirus in the group's areas occurred with the involvement of the leadership of AgBiTech and research entities, such as the Chapadão Foundation (MS), Corso said.

“The integration of biologicals is a trend. The expectation is to reduce the use of conventional pesticides. As a businessman, the perception is that bioinsecticides have arrived to add up. From the results obtained so far, the cost-benefit ratio is interesting. Baculoviruses can control caterpillars longer,” Corso said.

According to the JCN Group partner, organic products, in general, will make it possible to meet new global requirements for sustainability. “Reducing the environmental impact on crops is an indispensable measure for companies connected with the future, with technology, and with precision agriculture. We are close to an economy regulated by carbon credits. The entire management model of large agro companies is at the center of constant innovations and experiments,” he added.

According to the Corso, JCN also cultivates the rational use of pesticides. For this, it uses software that monitors aerial applications of grain crops. This resource of precision agriculture and high technology was developed by Perfect Flight, another company of the group, Corso stated.

Source: AgroNews


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