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Canada: ADAMA announces the launch of new EMPHASIS pre-seed solutionqrcode

Jan. 19, 2021

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Jan. 19, 2021

ADAMA is introducing EMPHASIS to their growing portfolio of pre-seed burn-off solutions. Created with the needs of Canadian farmers in mind, the co-pack of active ingredients carfentrazone and bromoxynil was developed to help them overcome their greatest weed challenges.

Volunteer canola ranks in the top 5 most abundant weeds in Western Canada. Because it germinates at low temperatures well ahead of the planted crop, it can have a significant impact on yield. EMPHASIS along with glyphosate can be applied before wheat, barley, oats and canola to control volunteer canola along with a variety of other yield robbing weeds. 

Working from the largest library of actives in the world, ADAMA has created a resistance management tool with the introduction of EMPHASIS. When used with glyphosate, EMPHASIS combines three modes of action that create a versatile and effective pre-seed burn-off solution. The three actives, Group-14 carfentrazone, Group-6 bromoxynil and Group-9 glyphosate, work together to deliver full spectrum control on weeds, including those resistant to other herbicide technologies.

"Pre-seed burnoff solutions such as EMPHASIS provide both an optimal environment for crops to grow and make it easier for the crop to compete as the season progresses, saving both time and money on in-season herbicide applications," Rob Bahry, Development & Research Manager at ADAMA. "Establishing a weed-free environment early in the growing stages ensures that the crop is not fighting for sunlight, moisture, nutrients and other essential resources."

ADAMA is proud of the portfolio they are developing. EMPHASIS, along with HOTSHOT, PRIORITY, SQUADRON II, BROMOTRIL 2,4-D and INVOLVE give Western Canadian farmers options to create the best pre-seed burnoff solution for every field.

Source: Adama Canada


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