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Nutrichem to launch new version of oxyfluorfen in 2021qrcode

Dec. 10, 2020

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Dec. 10, 2020

On 29th October, 2020, in Hangzhou,China,Nutrichem announced launch of the new version of the herbicide, oxyfluorfen, with quality remaining consistent. Oxyfluorfen was the classic product of the US company, Rohm & Haas, for more than 40 years, which was launched in the US market 40 years ago. In 1989, it was registered in China and sold under the name, Goal. In 2009, Dow Chemical acquired Rohm & Haas, and the product was then incorporated in Dow Chemical’s brand series. In 2015, Beijing Nutrichem acquired Dow Chemical’s global business in oxyfluorfen, including its branding, registration and sales. In 2020, Nutrichem took over the global distribution of Goal.

Ru Lijun (Planning Director of Nutrichem) said that the brand name, Goal, will be owned by Nutrichem in 2021. At the start of that year, a new version of Goal will be launched, but the use of the brand name and the illegal sale of fake products are expected.

According to Ru, Goal has a wide range of herbicidal applications, covering broad-leaf grasses, grass weeds and sedges. It is suitable for more than 100 types of crops, big seeds, tubers and stems. In addition, its lasting effect can be as long as 45 to 60 days. It is not systemic, not absorbed by crop roots and has no hidden phytotoxicity. It is also safe for after-reap crops, will not cause successive cropping obstacles, has low toxicity and low levels of residue, making it safe for the environment.

“The right way to use the product is during prem-mergence, which will form a complete emulsion before crops and weeds sprout. After applying Goal, the soil should not be stirred to keep the emulsion intact. In particular, attention needs to be paid to climate change. Application before a rainstorm should be avoided, as well as high or low temperatures,” Ru stated, noting the conditions for application on garlic, green onion, peanut, potato and cotton.

“Goal has a special formula. Compared wto other products, it has better contact with water, better dispersion and permeability, and has a special color and smell. It is much more effective for controlling weeds, being well recognized among users,” Ru added. 

The quality of Goal is in line with Nutrichem's corporate culture, because Nutrichem's corporate vision is to derive products from nature to help the agricultural world. Nutrichem’s mission is to serve society with agrochemicals. Nutrichem understands crops and concentrates on product and application technology development to offer better products, technologies and solutions for agriculture.

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