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Era of L-glufosinate comes at accelerated speed, Jinbaisu® standing out at its first launch yearqrcode

Dec. 7, 2020

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Dec. 7, 2020

Era of L-glufosinate comes at accelerated speed, Jinbaisu® standing out at its first launch year

Carrying “smart manufactures”, L-Glufosinate(Jinbaisu®) debuts at the 36th plant protection fair

At the 36th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and & Pesticide Fair held from 13 to 15 November in Chongqing, YongNong BioSciences(Yonon) showed its blockbuster product L-Glufosinate (with brand name Jinbaisu®) and “smart manufactures”. 2020 is the beginning year of release of L-glufosinate in China, as well as the first year of the launch of Jinbaisu®. In the circumstance of extreme short supply, Jinbaisu® hit its sales of over 1,200 tons, attributable to its excellent efficacy and better cost position which are preferred by distributors and farmers. 

According to Yonon, in order to adapt to the fast-growing formulation market at home and abroad, Yonon has invested in newbuild of Asia’s first-class 70,000-ton aqueous solution workshop, 5,000-ton suspension concentrate production workshop, as well as the “smart manufacturers” comprising Shangyu Research Center and DCS smart control. With the new facility being put into operation one after another, Yonon is able to establish a complete supply chain, covering vertical integrated technical production up to formulation manufacture, thus to sustainably provide distributors and farmers with high-quality formulations.


The 70,000-ton aqueous solution and 5,000-ton suspension concentrate production line (German Netzsch Mill)


Yonon Ningxia Production Plant


Yonon Ningxia’s environmental protection facilities built at cost of Yuan100 million and the tail gas treatment RTO which enables a fully clean process

L-glufosinate – next single product to hit 10,000-ton sales

L-glufosinate was discovered from the soil streptomyce leavened bilanafos, which is metabolized into L-glufosinate, being referred to as a most close-to-nature herbicide. Globally, only Meiji released L-glufosinate 10% sodium salt SL in Japan and Yonon commercialized L-glufosinate ammonium salt SL (Jinbaisu®) in China. It is predicted that L-glufosinate will be brought on a fast track of development with significant increase of capacity.

The development of L-glufosinate in China began with the cooperation between Yonon and Meiji. In 2009, Yonon cooperated with Meiji and Takasago in a joint development of L-glufosinate, which succeeded on March 20, 2013, followed by start of industrialization. In 2015, Yonon was granted registration of L-glufosinate technical, thereafter mass production began and exported to Meiji in Japan. In 2019, Yonon Ningxia's 10,000-ton L-glufosinate technical project was initiated. In 2020, Yonon was granted registration of the first L-glufosinate ammonium salt product (Jinbaisu®), followed by the promotive market launch of the Jinbaisu® brand. With the breakthrough being made in the synthesis technology of L-glufosinate, Yonon is prepared to start to file a patent worldwide of its L-glufosinate so as to make business deployment globally.

Emergence of Jinbaisu® to achieve value 

The activity of Jinbaisu® is about 4 times of glyphosate, 2 times of paraquat and over 2 times of common glufosinate (DL-glufosinate). With paraquat’s gradual market exit in China and the world, Jinbaisu®’s atom efficiency is rolling over ordinary glufosinate, and will be surely become a strongest competition or even a substitute product for paraquat, glufosinate and glyphosate.

As L-glufosinate is a natural allelopathic herbicide, it can be used in production of green food. Its high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue provide a help to the global popularization of glufosinate-supported GM crops. With the global popularization of glufosinate-resistant crops, Jinbaisu® will become an important product in the portfolio of non-selective herbicides.

Since the founding in 1970’s, glyphosate has become the largest burndown herbicide variety, its wide application has caused widespread resistance which becomes a worldwide severe problem. Jinbaisu® has an excellent efficacy on Glyphosate-resistant weeds such as eleusine indica and horseweed herb etc.

Strategic Planning of Jinbaisu® 

In the global market, there is a short supply of glufosinate while its price continues to rise. Therefore, L-glufosinate will definitely provide farmers with a new non-selective herbicide solution. The brand of Jinbaisu® is bound to take a big step to a new stage.

Yonon’s Jinbaisu®, accelerates weeding. Jinbaisu® is not only an "acceleration" of weeding, but more importantly it opens a new L-glufosinate era that’s coming speedily.

Source: AgroNews


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