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Jingbo Agrochemicals accelerate the construction of its second production base and released a series of strategic productsqrcode

Nov. 25, 2020

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Nov. 25, 2020

In November, the 2020 Jingbo Agrochemical Strategic Customer Workshop was held in Chongqing, with participation of more than 300 nation-wide partner dealers and well-known experts in the agricultural material industry.

Stepping into first-tier formulation distribution and backed by an efficient management system and effective operations

Jingbo Agrochemicals Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated in offering high-quality agricultural inputs and crop management solutions to global agriculture. The company considers enhancing the value of agricultural products and helping employees realize their dreams as its mission, as well as developing agricultural green technology and creating value for customer as its responsibility. At present, its completed technical production projects cover nicosulfuron, quizalofop-p-ethyl, tebufenozide, kresoxim-methyl and indoxacarb. In particular, the optical content of indoxacarb was raised to 98% or above through its continued technical research and development of a new production process, which successfully began operation in 2017, with an annual output of 500 tons. Therefore, Jingbo Agrochemicals has become the world's largest indoxacarb production base.

The product range of Jingbo Indoxacarb includes Pinwei (indoxacarb 150g/L SC), Aodi (indoxacarb + tebufenozide 16% EC) and Longzhan (tebufenozide + indoxacarb 16% EC), which won the China Plant Protection Product Contribution Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019, through providing an effective solution for the prevention and control of China’s increasingly resistant beet armyworm, prodenia litura, spodoptera frugiperda, oriental armyworm and rice leaf folder. The new solution has greatly increased utilization rate, benefitting farmers.

At present, Jingbo Agrochemicals has established sales network cover the whole country in China, and launched businesses in the market of Africa, Europe, the Asian-Pacific Rim, South America, North America and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, independent pesticide registrations are being undertaken in the EU, Brazil, Ghana, Myanmar, South Korea and Australia, as its products can be sold in the registration country if registration is granted. The company prioritizes independent brand development in the international market, having established its Ghana branch and Cambodia subsidiary to increase the influence of its independent brand of the company. In 2019, the company place it 36th among China’s top 100 pesticide companies. “We will continue our focus on agricultural modernization to serve China’s Rural Revitalization Strategy, as well as establish a new pattern of business development to step into China’s first-tier formulation distributors,” said Cheng Daoquan (Board Chairman of Jingbo Agrochemicals). 


Cheng Daoquan, the broad chairman and general manager of Jingbo Agrochemicals, making a speech at the ceremony

To facilitate the construction of its second production base and upgrade its existing facility

In 2020, in addition to the production base in Shandong Boxing, Jingbo Agrochemicals investing Yuan3.1 billion to accelerate the construction of its second production base in Zhanhua, Shandong Province and upgrade its existing facility, thus, accelerating Jingbo Agrochemicals’ move to fast-track its development. Efforts are being made to speed up the creation and launch of an innovative plant virus-resistant pesticide series, including novel pesticides, fertilizer synergists and new packaging covering chloroinconazide, topramezone and prothioconazole. Moreover, the company has entered the areas of digital agricultural platforms, pesticide testing, agricultural production and the seed business to serve agricultural modernization. “We will continue to promote the development of smart and green demonstrative factories to build a Safe Jingbo, Green Jingbo and Digital Jingbo. We will also promote green and low-carbon development, continuously protect the environment, efficiently utilize energy resources and improve our resource-use efficiency. Guided by digital technology, we will establish our Industrial Internet of Things to build and operate our factories using AI and 5G technologies,” said Zhu Kun (Deputy General Manager of Jingbo Agrochemicals). 


New product releases to create value for partners

During the conference, Jingbo Agrochemicals released a series of strategic products. For example, to control the resistant lepidoptera pest in crop fields, Jingbo launched the Leizhen combo (tebufenozide. indoxacarb 16% EC + chlorfenapyr 24% SC) for controlling corn borer and spodoptera frugiperda in corn fields, and spodoptera litura in peanut fields, as well as rice leaf roller in paddy fields.


Also, in terms of fungicides, Jingbo Agrochemicals’ kresoxim-methyl series has served the cereal field for more than 16 years, being applied to 100 million Mu (66 million hectares) of cropland. Through over 20,000 demonstrative applications, the product has become a leading product for controlling powdery mildew in China. In 2021, Jingbo Agrochemicals kresoxim-methyl series will embrace a new member, which is Jingbo Yingshou (kresoxim-methyl 125g/L + epoxiconazole 125g/L SC).



In addition, for controlling small insects, such as eggplant thrip, Jingbo Agrochemicals launched the Jingbo Dukadi flonicamid + spirotetramat 40% SC, which is the first suspension agent registered in China for controlling eggplant thrip. The product was promoted under the slogan, “Twice used, Dukadi keeps whitefly away.” Jingbo Agrochemicals also launched a product called Swordsman (clothianidin + pymetrozine 30%) registered for controlling citrus scale insect and psylla, which was developed to have a special wax-soluble adjuvant, making its grain size smaller with strong rain fastness, ensuring the thorough eradication of scale insect and psylla.

Furthermore, Jingbo Agrochemicals has re-planned its plant nutrition product system, including its bio-organic fertilizer, Jingbo Duobao, which improves soil fertility. Jingbo Agrochemicals also imported the biostimulant product, Siapton, from Italy. These products ensures improved quality and increased crop yields. At the conference, the gradient tests and excellent application effects of the new products released in China were presented in detail. 

In terms of short-term, med-term and long-term planning, Jingbo Agrochemicals is always selecting like-minded partners for cooperation on a long-term basis, while ensuring that such cooperation will benefit its partners. Jingbo Agrochemicals prioritizes improved inventory management, including the management of cross sales and online sales. Jingbo Agrochemicals focuses on sales through core channels, supported by its finance and digitization process. Jingbo Agrochemicals is prepared to continue studying its business model to become integrated with the customer system, so its partners can profit from their long-term cooperation.  

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