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Ourofino Agrociência strengthens portfolio with specific formulation for national climateqrcode

Nov. 24, 2020

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Nov. 24, 2020


Sugarcane is one of the main crops in Brazilian agricultural production. There are about 9 million hectares, according to estimates from the National Supply Company, Conab. Thus, the supply of pesticides grows continuously, but product innovation is often one of the main attractions sought by growers, especially in weed control, which directly affects productivity. Therefore, Ourofino Agrociência works to re-imagine its portfolio and provide differentiated solutions such as Kaivana 360 CS, which has innovative formulation and hits the market this month. 

According to explanations from Gustavo Vigna, sugarcane crop manager of Ourofino, the weed competition is a great productive reduction factor and thus, weed control should be prioritized. "Kaivana is an important tool to combat the problems caused by weeds. It comes to give further strength to the company's herbicide portfolio, the most complete on the market, “he says. 

The product also meets the call for more sustainability in the field, a concern of the company. The micro encapsulation of the active ingredient decreases the occurrence of drift and the risk of phytotoxicity, since this formulation does not have foliar absorption. It counts on a complex system of photo protective agents and exclusive surfactants with different actions, which promote the reduction of losses by volatilization, generating more safety to neighboring crops. Vigna says, "From an environmental point of view, it is a very interesting product because there is no presence of solvents in the formulation, since it is a microencapsulated product."

Another important point is that Kaivana is a suitable solution for the pre-emergent stage, for the control of the main grasses and some broadleaf plants at different times of the year. 

QQ图片20201124094253.pngOurofino Agrociência has another novelty for November: the hormonal maturing agent Trix (Trinexapaque-ethyl), produced with the market leader molecule and launching the industry in the segment. After all, besides the control of weeds, another important step in the production of sugarcane is maturation, which is necessary due to the start of the harvest being increasingly anticipated, when plants have not yet reached the point of maturation. 

It is at this stage that Trix comes in, "a hormonal maturing agent that poses no risk of phytotoxicity for sugarcane crops, thus it does not interfere with the regrowth of sugarcane fields, which ensures significant gains in TRS at the beginning and the reduction of losses at the end of crop, “ says Vigna.

The product also represents a breakthrough for the company in providing services and more enhanced sustainability in agricultural production. In addition to being safe to neighboring crops, Trix is designed to deliver traceability to growers immediately giving them the right to join Segnus, an excellence program in application technology. "Launched in August by the company in partnership with the startup Perfect Flight, specializing in management and monitoring of aerial spraying, Segnus assists the producer in ensuring greater safety on the application," explains the manager of Ourofino Agrociência.

Both products give more strength to the innovative portfolio of the Brazilian origin company, which increasingly invests in new technologies and launches, keeping strong in its purpose of reimagining national agriculture and increasing market share. For more information about these products and the company's portfolio, which accumulates 10 years of operation, visit ourofinoagro.com.br.


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