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Jan. 15, 2019

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Jan. 15, 2019

On 16th October, 2020, on World Food Day, the first "5G Rice & Jiangsu Green and High-Efficient Rice Planting Forum” was held in Rudong County, Jiangsu Province, China, hosted by Sinochem Crop Care Co., Ltd., in association with the Jiangsu Plant Protection & Quarantine Station. 

More than 200 delegates attended the forum, including leaders and experts from plant protection administrations in the provinces of Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hu’nan and Jiangxi, as well as from the strategic partners of Sinochem Crop Care.

During the forum, Wang Quan (Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Crop Care and General Manager of the China Business Division) said that since its establishment, Sinochem Crop Care has always been committed to providing Chinese farmers with high-quality, efficient, environment-friendly and safe plant protection products, supported by professional supervisory services that explore and solve various key issues existing in the course of crop growth. Today, while acting as Yangnong Chemical’s marketing business unit, Sinochem Crop Care has become China’s leading plant protection services platform, which integrates research, production and marketing.

Sinochem Crop Care has exhibited high-level crop management capabilities in eight major crops, including rice, wheat, corn, potato, citrus and cotton. Rice has always been a focus of research and development at Sinochem Crop Care. Beginning from strengthening seedlings during the seedling stage, extensive weed control in Yangtze River Basin, extreme weather and other plant protection challenges during the whole growth period, up to rice yield and quality improvement, production capacity increase and enhancing risk resistance capacity, Sinochem Crop Care has achieved successful results through many trials and selection programs conducted in large areas of Jiangsu Province. To help more growers improve quality and increase yields and earnings, the “5G Rice" program was launched at the right time, to benefit growers in terms of farm production.

What is "5G Rice"?

To help growers cultivate high-yield and high-quality rice under leading levels of standards and efficiency, as well as to achieve higher income via the scientific management of seeds, weeds, pests, diseases and nutrition. The term "5G" stands for “five good features," which are good standard, good efficiency, good yield, good quality and good income. These five good features are backed up by five kinds of products or solutions, which enable the provision of tailored seed treatment, herbicidal insecticidal, fungicidal and yield increase solutions.

"5G Rice" program highly recognized by numerous farmers

Yanglian Village, Yangkou Town, Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, is a demonstration site of the "5G Rice" program of Sinochem Crop Care, where 1.4 hectares of demonstration fields are running the program using major products, such as Aike, Shuanggong 9080, Luodiou, Youshuai and the Sinochem.Feng.Shou combo. The trial fields are split into a “5G Rice” application area, a farmer’s self-control area, a seed coating blank control area and a blank control area. After calculation and statistical summaries, the rice yield in the "5G Rice" application area appeared to be surprisingly satisfactory, whilst its yield per 667 square meters reached 550 to 650 kilograms, which is 100 kilograms higher than that in the blank control area. In terms of per-square-meter productive panicle number, grain number per spike, shrunken rate and 1,000 grain weight, the results of the "5G Rice" application area were also superior.

Data from the "5G Rice" application area (middle) highlights some good performance in terms of number of productive panicles, grains per spike, shrunken rate and 1,000 grain weight, with the left side showing the blank control while the right side showing the farmer’s self-control.

As an important part of the "5G Rice" program, seed treatment in the early stage of seed germination and growth offers many advantages, such as being efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, long lasting and easy for mechanized operation. It is an important means of reducing pesticide use and improving pesticide utilizing rate. On-site field trials showed that the use of Youshuai or Youshuai + MIX for seed dressing can promote root growth and make root systems more widespread, which will enhance the stress resistance of rice.

In addition, proper nutrition management during the late tillering stage and heading stage achieves higher effective tiller numbers and higher setting percentages, leading to larger kernel numbers and higher incidences of 1,000 grain weight. At the demonstration site, it was clearly seen that the rice field applied with the Sinochem Feng.Shou combo (Haoxiu.Feng40ml + Shijiashou phosphorus & potassium 40ml + Yunjia + 10ml / 667 square meters) not only showed an enhanced root system but also a higher setting percentage and 1,000 grain weight incidence.



Figure showing an enhanced root system and a significantly increased 1,000 grain weight (left side) treated by the Sinochem Feng.Shou combo, in contrast to the blank control group (right side). 


Figure showing that rice applied with the “5G” program has a golden color and full grain filling, with an enhanced setting percentage and 1,000 grain weight. 

The “5G Rice” application area appeared superior to the control area both in terms of quality of seedling and sealing and control of rice leaf folder, rice sheath blight and rice blast.

Research, production and marketing integration helps landing of "5G Rice" program, shaping a top-level plant protection service platform

According to Han Xiang (Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Crop Care’s Crop Business Division and General Manager of its Seed Coating Department), the company’s sales has grown rapidly in successive years and its market influence has increased year by year, attributable to the following:

1)Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd. is a strong backup for independent creation and innovation. 

2)Secured supplies from top pesticide manufacturers - Shenyang SCIENCREAT Chemicals Co., Ltd., Shenyang Chemical Research Institute (Nantong) Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. 

3)A professional talent team with an average age of 32, with 83% being university graduates who always think, share and explore.

4)Accumulation of a number of channeling partners with advanced ideas and technologies.

5)High-quality resources continuously supported by more than 20 Chinese local and international suppliers with research strength and production capacities.

With full support from these high-quality resources and cooperation partners, Sinochem Crop Care is in a good position to build a professional and comprehensive plant protection service platform in China.

Targeted creation and innovation 

Since 2010, the research and development of novel pesticides has become difficult worldwide and increasingly costly, resulting in a slowdown in the launch of novel pesticides. Under the circumstance, Sinochem Crop Care has adopted its research and development to China's unique market needs and resistant targets for control, such as striped stem borer and gibberellic disease, by developing differentiated product varieties with new structures and novel action mechanisms. Sinochem Crop Care has launched high-performing and promising compounds out of tens of thousands of compounds, such as the amide insecticide, tetrachlorantraniliprole, and the strobilurin fungicide, fenaminstrobin.

In the meantime, relying on the advantages of Sinochem’s technical materials and the R&D capacity of Syngenta, Sinochem Crop Care will share formulation screening and field bioassay data to develop its formulation series, enabling it to release new products to fulfill the market’s demand.

Two years has passed since the company assessed the actual rice market’s needs and explored solutions to adopting the "5G Rice" program. Over these two years, Sinochem Crop Care has continued trying, exploring and improving the program, to help Chinese farmers increase production and earnings.

During the forum, participants visited Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd., which is located in the Yangkou National Chemical Industry Park and is a leading enterprise that represents the modern technical level of the Chinese pesticide-oriented fine chemical industry, being a strong backup for Sinochem Crop Care’s pesticide supply.

Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. covers a land area of 50 hectares. Its phase 3 project-associated environmental facility was built with an investment of Yuan800 million and is where its innovative production process is expected to reduce solid waste by 22%, abraum salt by 33% and waste-water by 50%. The company's waste discharge is in line with the EU 2000 standard, which even goes beyond the Chinese national standard. Moreover, the plant is connected with Jiangsu’s provincial environmental protection administration to undergo real-time monitor and supervision by government.

Upon completion of the phase 3 project, Youjia will havea production capacity of 4,500 tons of cyhalothrin, 1,500 tons of bifenthrin and 20,000 tons of dicamba. Furthermore, it will be able to produce 46 types of technical materials, such as pyraclostrobin, epoxiconazole, chlorfluazuron and diflufenican, which will be supplied to Sinochem Crop Care.

As well as the supportive supplies from Sinochem Crop Care’s Shenyang SCIENCREAT Chemicals Co., Ltd., Shenyang Chemical Research Institute (Nantong) Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd., Sinochem Crop Care has been consolidating its resources via strategic collaborations with first-class China’s technical manufacturers, formulators, plant nutrient vendors, seed companies and agricultural machinery suppliers, to jointly shape China’s largest plant protection service platform, which will provide farmers with professional, convenient and cost-effective products and services.

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