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Nitrasol liquid fertilisers launches revolutionary new UAN inhibitor in UKqrcode

Oct. 5, 2020

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Oct. 5, 2020


Nitrasol, the brand name for the range of clear liquid fertilisers produced by Brineflow Limited, has launched a new nitrogen inhibitor called AdvaNShield to farmers nationwide.


Utilising proven and UK-trialled technology developed by partners Verdesian Life Sciences, Nitrasol AdvaNShield reduces nitrogen losses to the environment by maintaining higher levels of the nutrient in the ammonium form in the soil, which the growing crop can use more efficiently. 


Rob Buck, Brineflow’s UK commercial manager, said: “AdvaNShield is a ground-breaking development for liquid fertiliser users in the UK. Unlike some solid urea inhibitors, it is compatible with grades that include sulphur, and it can be stored in on-farm tanks for over 12 months.


“The technology, which is based on Verdesian’s NutriSphere-NL inhibitor, delivers significant environmental benefits and potential additional yield without harming soil bacteria, which will be incredibly useful for UK farmers.”


The driving force behind AdvaNShield is a long-chain organic water-soluble compound made up of maleic acid and itaconic acid. When the two acids are combined, they greatly increase the cation exchange capacity and therefore reduce the availability of nickel, copper and iron that certain bacteria need to degrade applied nitrogen.


Up to 60% of applied nitrogen can be lost before plants can use it, as ammonia gas through volatilisation, as nitrous oxide gas (N2O) through denitrification of nitrate, or via leaching of nitrates through the soil profile. 


AdvaNShield technology has been shown to reduce the release of nitrous oxide by an average of 54% and to lower ammonia loss by 25% at 20 days after application, compared with standard UAN applications [sources - US Department of Agriculture and California State University, USA 2015; University of Nebraska, USA 2015]. 


And, in a winter wheat trial in Norfolk, UAN + AdvaNShield technology reduced detectable nitrate levels in the outflow from field drains over a three-month period. Compared with a standard UAN application, the treatment produced a consistent reduction of 14% and drop of up to 24% was recorded [source NIAB TAG, UK 2020]. 


Yield benefits

AdvaNShield technology has already shown promising yield benefits in the UK. In a further winter wheat trial in Norfolk, compared to standard UAN alone, it increased harvested grain yield by 7.4% from 13.8 t/ha to 14.9 t/ha [source NIAB TAG, UK 2019]. 


And, in 66 independent trials across UK and Europe over the past three years, it produced an average 3.7% yield increase across six crops at conventional application rates [source Verdesian 2019].


Where nitrogen use is restricted, Brineflow recommends using the AdvaNShield range to help maximise the return on input across all crops, soil types and pH.


AdvaNShield is delivered directly to on-farm tanks as a finished product with all nitrogen and nitrogen sulphur grades. Brineflow, based at Great Yarmouth, services its national customer base from the company’s new £5m facility.


Ian Ferris, Brineflow’s UK commercial director, said: “Given the global drive to reduce environmental impacts from agriculture, and particularly the arrival of the clean air act in the UK, our main goal is to help growers increase yield with a lighter environmental touch.


“Working with Verdesian technology keeps our fertiliser where it is needed for longer, increasing nitrogen efficiency, yield and crop quality whilst providing farmers with a return on their investment.


“After the investments we have made as a business to manufacture the highest quality liquid fertilisers, it was key that we found the right product that could be added at our plant.”


Martin Brown, Verdesian’s managing director, Europe said: “Whilst delivering nutrient use efficiency, it is crucial that we have low impact on the environment. Our technology is proven to have no effect on soil bacteria, earthworms or other soil life, fish or fauna.


“Partnering with Brineflow allows us to bring our technology to market with some of the highest quality liquid fertilisers in the UK.”


Nitrasol AdvaNShield will be available from all merchants and group distributors with immediate effect.

Source: Farming UK


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