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Sep. 30, 2020

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Sep. 30, 2020

By Flavio Losada – Country Manager, Pilarquim Brazil

Pilarquim Brazil began developing a new generation of products that are safer and more efficient in 2019. This year, Pilarquim is very happy about the promising future of new portfolio. Pilarquim Brazil was launched in 1995, and until 2016, its focus was always generic formulations of products that are very popular on the market. Since 2017, Pilarquim started a “New Era” with the sustainable growth of current portfolio and the promises of an incredible future. R&D team of Pilarquim is doing an amazing job of developing high-performance mixtures that have fewer active ingredients and are safer for farmers. 


The new generations of herbicides and insecticides that Pilarquim began developing have achieved great results, which are mainly formulations of CS (Microcapsule-suspension) and ZC (mixed formulations of CS and SC that are a stable aqueous suspension of microcapsules and solid fine particles, with each containing one or more active ingredients). ZC formulations are easy to handle and measure and are dust free, non-flammable and offer good miscibility with water. 

An excellent example of how this technology can be innovative is the product Pilarquim is submitting to authorities in Brazil, the herbicide, PILARGOLD - S-metolachlor 480CS, which has half the active ingredients than in the traditional 960 EC product, and about 70% of active ingredients in tests in three locations in Brazil, showing an efficiency higher than the EC formulation. In addition, the product has a greater residual effect, remaining in the field for about 21 days, seven days longer than the EC formulation. The CS formulation can be revolutionary in the field and represents the next generation of products, which are more efficient and safer. Because of its experience in the Brazilian market, Pilarquim would like to offer the best possible solutions to Brazilian agriculture, with best quality products, fare prices and easy communication.

Another important point is that Pilarquim became a bridge for many Chinese factories wishing to enter the Brazilian market. We are a Chinese company that is proud of our origins. In 2019, Pilarquim has started many partnerships with Chinese manufactories, and Pilarquim is improving year after year. Pilarquim has 10 registrations in Brazil and 30 more registrations in process with relevant ministries, as well as over 20 new projects, while always focusing on providing better solutions for Brazilian farmers.


Regarding the soybean rusty group of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), season 2019/2020 Chlorothalonil 72SC – ICHIBAN from Pilarquim was recognized as one of best multisite protectors for soybean rusty in the market. 

In 2020, Pilarquim’s target is to continue growing with more people on the field and stronger product development. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting many segments of the Brazilian economy. The only certainty is that people need food, and Brazil continues to be one of largest food exporters in the world.

Currently, Pilarquim is expanding partnerships in many regions, with more than nine new partners. Main product of Pilarquim in 2020 continues to be Chlorothalonil, but Pilarquim is planting its seeds for an excellent 2021 with three to four new products in Pilarquim Brazil’s portfolio, which are two fungicides, one insecticide and one or two herbicides. The Brazilian agriculture is the largest in the world, with a strong focus on soybean, corn, cotton and sugarcane. But Pilarquim is developing solutions not only for major crops, because it is important for us to provide the best solutions for farmers and our partners. This year, Pilarquim is adapting its reality. Pilarquim is participating in online events with partners, such as REPRODUCAMDA - 2020, in which Pilarquim is one of main sponsors, with more than 125,000 farmers and partners. The event was held completely online from 13th to 17th July.  

“Of course, we prefer to attend face-to-face events, but the preparations and quantity of people that can see your products and company is much bigger during online events,” said Flavio Losada (Country Manager of Pilarquim Brazil). After 2020, face-to-face events can return, but this is a new reality that could continue for a while. 

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