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Lepigen is best alternative for efficient longevity management of Bt soybeans - Interview with Murilo Moreira, Marketing Director of AgBiTech Brasilqrcode

Sep. 10, 2020

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Sep. 10, 2020

AgBiTech Pty Ltd
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Lepigen is best alternative for efficient longevity management of Bt soybeans - Interview with Murilo Moreira, Marketing Director of AgBiTech Brasil

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages

In this exclusive interview with AgroPages, the marketing director of AgBiTech Brasil, agronomist Murilo Moreira, talks about the launch of the biological insecticide Lepigen, which is specifically made for controlling the caterpillars of the genus Spodoptera in genetically modified Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis). He also talks about the company's plans and news for this year. 

What does AgBiTech have to say about Lepigen®?

Bt biotechnology was used in the soybean crop during the 2013-2014 harvest with a focus on caterpillar control. Bt soybeans, associated with varieties with a high production ceiling, reached 74% adoption in the last harvest, according to a survey conducted by Spark Smarter Decisions. Soja Bt has never effectively controlled Spodoptera caterpillars, and in the last harvest 60% of farmers used on an average of two applications to control these caterpillars on Soja Bt, according to Spark Research. Lepigen® is a bioinsecticide developed by AgBiTech specifically for Bt soybeans, tested and approved by major consultants. Lepigen® is the best alternative for efficient longevity management of Bt soybeans.


Why is it important to have a biological alternative to Intacta Bt soy?

The products that were used to control caterpillars in Bt soybeans were made from traditional chemicals. Until then, there was no product developed specifically for Bt soybean with a focus on handling caterpillars of the genus Spodoptera. What we realized is that year after year the performance of chemical insecticides has been dropping. Lepigen® is an excellent tool for managing resistance.


What other benefits and differentials does this technology offer?

Because it is a biological product, it is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. It is highly compatible with chemicals, thus facilitating its management by the farmer who can associate its use within the farm's programming, such as the application of fungicide. It controls the main species of the genus Spodoptera and is an excellent tool for resistance management.


Can Lepigen® also be applied alone, without chemicals?

The recommendations for the use of Lepigen® are very flexible. It can be applied alone in situations of low infestation and caterpillars up to 1st instar (small). In high infestations, the association with a shock insecticide is recommended. This positioning allows the farmer flexibility of use with excellent cost/benefit.


What other news does AgBiTech prepare for this year?

In addition to Lepigen®, AgBiTech will bring the positioning of Cartugen® in corn, where we know that Spodoptera frugiperda is a major problem. Cartugen® is an excellent tool to improve the performance of chemical insecticides in handling resistance.

Source: AgroNews


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