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Pengbo Biotechnology researches on plant reproduction promotion and specialty products development, signes cooperation agreement with Professor Duan Qiaohong from Shandong Agricultural Universityqrcode

Aug. 13, 2020

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Aug. 13, 2020

On August 4, 2020, Pengbo Biotechnology and Professor Duan Qiaohong from Shandong Agricultural University held a scientific research cooperation signing ceremony in Taishan Innovation Valley. The research focused on Chinese cabbage and tomato to explore the promotion effect of ZNC on reproductive development, study the alleviation effect of high and low temperature on reproductive development obstacles, and study the mechanism of ZNC. The effect of single extract of ZNC on reproductive development was verified, and the best ratio was selected to develop products. The signing of the cooperation agreement indicates that Pengbo biological has begun the research of plant reproductive development and related product development.

Brief introduction to the research achievements of Pengbo Biological’s "Zhi Nengcong" (ZNC): the series of hyphae extracts of ZNC have ultra-high activity in growth promotion and disease resistance. The 1-100ppb ZNC promotes the development of lateral roots, improves the utilization rate of fertilizers, and induces immunity against various diseases. The related research has been published in Plant and Soil, BMC Plant Biology, ACS Omega, Field Crops Research, Chinese Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Agricultural Resources and Environment in China, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer in China.



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