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Jul. 24, 2020

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Jul. 24, 2020
Yutian Lu

Yutian Lu

Project managers of Biologicals; Editors


Russia Agriculture Map

The agriculture sowing area of Russia was 79.2 million hectares (4.6% of the total Russia national territorial area) in 2018 with a predicted increase by 1.3 million hectares in 2019. This area is mainly located in the Southern continent, near or in East Europe.

In the agricultural production structure of enterprises between 2000 and 2018, households of citizens dropped from 51.6% to 31.0%, whereas at the end 2018, agricultural organizations took 56.5% and household farms accounted 12.5%. It indicates that after the collapse, agriculture experienced low efficiency and now is highly mechanized. Agricultural machinery companies attended and occupied the majority of the sector conference.

The produced crops were illustrated by their percentage. Major cereals, beetroots, potatoes and sunflowers were counted as top crops (data source "BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2018"). In detailed divisions, cucumbers and tomatoes exceeded production by 2.4 and 2.8 million tons, respectively. This high yield was closely followed by sugar beet. It benefited with the greenhouses production area which increased 28.8%, as calculated by the Ministry of agriculture of Russia 2018



The sown area under cereal and grain cultivation in Russia in 2018, by crop and federal district (in 1,000 hectares) (sourcing: Statista 2020)

Overview agrochemical in Russia

Agrochemicals consumption in Russia in 2018 reached 68.3 thousand tons, worth US$708 million, whereas China exported 40.5 thousand tons, agrochemicals worth $304 million to this country. The consumption of herbicides was higher than fungicides and then insecticides. Following are the top five consumed products in three categories.


Following are the top 10 China pesticides exported to Russia in 2018. Formulation exports was twice that of technical products. Still, within those years, the supplier companies were relatively stable, and even bulk product Glyphosate, had less than 15 suppliers on average.


The Russian market for plant protection is dominated by imported products. Domestic production is mainly represented by three largest manufacturers such as August, Shchelkovo and Agro Expert Group, but still, their basic components were imported.

Dark horse product and supplier

Dark horse Chinese suppliers were analyzed according to the export volumes to Russia. SYNWILL witnessed rapid development, jumping from a ranking of 118 to move into the Top 10. 

Chinese suppliers201720182019
Synwill Co.,Ltd 118246
YongNong BioSciences CO.,Ltd76198
Lier Chemical Co.,Ltd.1887

Table1: Ranking according to the company export volume to Russia, 2017-2019

Dark horse products were analyzed according to the export volume to Russia. Product changes were not significant.

Imidacloprid 97% TC5467
Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 98% TC48658
Clopyralid 95% TC321913

Table2: Ranking according to the product export volume to Russia, 2017-2019

In the new sample formulations during 2018 and 2019, the products which appeared were those which exported 20 kg and increased export volume next year: Fomesafen 250g/L SL, Haloxyfop-P-methyl 104g/L EC, and Imazamox 33g/L+Imazapyr-isopropylammonium 15g/L SL, etc.

Finally, the CIS countries own the wide agricultural land and the potential market trend is, however, hard to explore due to the language barrier. Yutian would like to open a special column for sharing Russia agriculture market and CIS countries markets. Click the picture below will find the content of this column. Hope you subscribe and "like".



[1] For more detailed figures about the production of the main agricultural products by different constituents and area, please find "RUSSIAN STATISTICAL YEARBOOK 2019", page 410 table "Main indicators of agricultural production by constituent entities of the Russian in 2018"(sourcing: Federal State Statistic Service)

[2] For more detailed figures about all the crop yields, please find "Russian crop 2018" (sourcing: FAO)

[3] For more detailed figures of listed products with trademarks every month that helps suppliers and distributors prepare in advance, please download "Russia Agrochemical Annual Report 2018".

[4] William M. Liefert, Olga Liefert, "Russian agricultural trade and world markets 2019" (sourcing: Russian Journal of Economics)


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