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“Plethora is a success” - Interview with Alexandre Pires, Marketing Director of ADAMAqrcode

Jul. 8, 2020

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Jul. 8, 2020

ADAMA Brasil
Brazil  Brazil

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages

image.pngAgroPages exclusively interviewed the Marketing Director of ADAMA Brasil, Alexandre Pires, who explained the launch of the insecticide, Plethora, in the market. The product has an unique combination of molecules. Pires also talked about the company's situation in Brazil and this year’s prospects.

How do you evaluate ADAMA’s situation in Brazil, and what are your perspectives for this year?

We have achieved solid results and steady growth in recent years, which have made us more and more confident in continuing to invest in Brazil. Even with all the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the exchange rate issue, our plan is to reach our goals and grow again, maintaining our focus on innovation, training our employees and reinventing ourselves every day. Our aim is to be closer to our customers.

How was the launch of Plethora, what are the features of this insecticide, and how has it been received? Which crops are ADAMA's focus in Brazil, and how do you position your portfolio of solutions for these crops?

Plethora's release was a success. On 07/09, we will promote "ADAMA Alive" to our customers, an event that will feature the special participation of a team of leading researchers and consultants and will end with an exclusive live performance by singer Renato Teixeira. We have also planned several webinar events.

Like the entire industry, we have followed the recommendations of health authorities since the start of the pandemic. In this way, new actions linked to the launch will depend on the next steps and social flexibility measures imposed by the quarantine.

Plethora, which is a unique combination available on the market, will raise the level of premium products. Among these products, Plethora stands out for its high shock power and long residual effect. It is also an excellent resistance management tool with a low required dosage, offering less packaging in the field. The product has been well accepted in the field and its sales are surprising us.

ADAMA has a vast portfolio, which widely covers Brazil’s main crops. The new insecticide, Plethora, has further enriched this portfolio in soy, cotton and coffee crops.

How is the company preparing for the coming months?

Despite the pandemic, ADAMA is continuing to work on numerous fronts to serve farmers and fulfill our brand promise, “Listen> Learn> Deliver.”

In addition to the recently launched Plethora, we plan to launch two more products in the coming months. We will continue to invest in innovation services, such as the ADAMA Pastagem application.

Our communication campaigns aimed at crops will also continue. We have already launched the campaigns, #BomDeSoja, Pasto Bom é ADAMA, and #BomDeCana, and we are working on projects to enhance the crops of cotton, coffee and vegetables.

In addition, we will soon have two content portals online, the Bom de Soja Portal (bomdesoja.com.br) and the ADAMA Portal, bringing relevant and quality content on the most important crops in Brazil.

How has your synergy with the Syngenta Group and other members been?

With the incorporation of the holding company, which does not represent a merger of companies, ADAMA, through a stake held by ChemChina, became a distinct member of this newly formed leader. ADAMA will continue to be based in Israel while remaining on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

With this robustness, ADAMA continues to operate independently and maintain its respective brands, culture and strategy, with the aim of strengthening its business with its partners in Brazil and worldwide. ADAMA is at the best moment of its history and remains confident in its growth.

Source: AgroNews


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