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India CIBRC 417th meeting: 16 TC and 19 Formulation registrations got approved, 13 Bio-products got extensionqrcode

Jun. 23, 2020

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Jun. 23, 2020
By Zorro

The 417th Meeting of Registration Committee (RC) was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. S. K. Malhotra, Agriculture Commissioner & Chairman, Registration Committee on 15.06.2020 at 12:30 Hrs onwards through NIC video conference. Sh. Rajesh Malik, Plant Protection Advisor, Directorate Of PPQ&S, Faridabad; Dr. Rajan, In charge ADG (PP) ICAR, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi; Dr. S. P. Sahni, (Representative of Drug Controller General of India), New Delhi; Dr. KK Sharma , Project Co-ordinator MPRNL , IARI , New Delhi attended the meeting. Dr. J. P. Singh, Secretary, CIB&RC who was on tour to Rajasthan attended the meeting through VC from Jodhpur.

The Experts/ Officers from the Secretariat of CIB&RC attended the meeting to present their agenda and volunteered to provide the information/advise during the deliberations, were Dr. Sushil K. Khurana, Consultant (Pathology); Dr. Sandhya Kulshrestha, Consultant (Pharma); Dr. Sarita Bhalla, Consultant (Pharma); Dr. Archana Sinha, JD (Chem); Dr Vandana Seth, JD(Chem) CIL; Sh. Hari Om Miglani, Sr.LO; Sh. A. K. Reddy, DD(WS); Sh. Kiran W. Deshkar, DD (E); Ms. Sneha Poddar, DD (Chem); Sh Vivek Narayan, SAO; Dr. Vandana Pandey, AD (PP);Sh. AvnishTomar, AD (Chem.);Sh. Niraj Kulshrestha, LO, Ms. Raunaq, AD (Chem.).

At the meeting, 16 registrations of pesticide technical and 19 formulation products, including 6 herbicides, 6 insecticides/acaricides, 9 fungicides, 1 plant growth regulators and 13 Bio-products got approved.

For registration type, 8 bio-products got the first 9(3b) extension of validity period of provisional certificate of registration for one year, 1 bio-product got the second 9(3b) extension, 4 bio-products got the third 9(3b) extension.

As to the holders, Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd. got the most 3 registrations, Willowood Chemical Pvt. Ltd., Indofil Industries Ltd., Biostadt India Ltd. and Central Insecticides & Fertilizers got 2 registrations. For product, Verticillium chlamydosporium 1% WP got the most 6 registrations; Trichoderma viride(1.0%; 1.5% WP) got 5 registrations.

The details are as follows:


Above-mentioned registrations can be taken under two broad categories of registration viz.

• 9(4) Me-too Registration: This is for product and source, which are already registered in India. 9(4) is the easiest method of registration and if all the documents submitted with CIB are in proper order, then registration is issued within 6 months of making the application.

• 9(3) New Registration: This registration is for products or sources, which are not registered in India yet. Any first time registration of a molecule or of a source will be under this category. New registrations can be of:

o 9(3) – TI New Molecule: Technical import registration for a new Molecule, which is never registered in India for Import.

o 9(3) – TI New Source: Technical import registration for technical already registered in India for Import, but a new overseas manufacturer also wants to register itself as an authorized source for exporting the molecule to India.

o 9(3) – FI New molecule: Formulations, which are to be directly imported to India, in finished form.

•  TIM – Technical Indigenous Manufacturing

•  TI – Technical Import

•  FIM – Formulation Indigenous Manufacturing

•  FI – Formulation Import

Download the Minutes here:

Minutes of the 417th Meeting of India Registration Committee

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