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Russian crop protection producer LYSTERRA LLC put new products into the US marketqrcode

Jun. 1, 2020

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Jun. 1, 2020

Russian crop protection producer LYSTERRA LLC put new products into the US market

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a registration certificate for an agricultural insecticide based on lambda-cyhalothrin 12.5% and innovative algicide "VodaGuard O", which fights toxic cyanobacteria (its common name is blue-green algae) in water reservoirs, to Agromarketing Ltd company, a partner of Russian CPP producer LYSTERRA LLC. At the moment this product is on patent pending process.
That way, LYSTERRA LLC - a player of Russian CPP market - strengthens its presence abroad, thanks to demanded and effective products in its portfolio.
The registration will allow LYSTERRA LLC to offer a line of products against a serious environmental threat – toxic cyanobacteria, which are a problem all over the world. These organisms emit toxic substance dangerous for human and animal health and destroy the water reservoirs’ ecosystems. In a wide number of countries, including the USA, there have been cases of people and dogs’ infections with toxic cyanobacteria because of poisoning after swimming in reservoirs. In Africa the contamination of reservoirs with cyanobacteria repeatedly led to the mass death of flamingos. The fact is that the problem will only rise due to the global climate change.
Warm temperature and consistently high level of nutrients in water (due to the runoff from fields or sewers) stimulate algae blooming, which are very difficult to be controlled.
In 2015 the scientists from the Oregon State University in their article on The ScienceDaily portal (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150813092826.htm) cautioned that "the blooming of toxic cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, is a poorly controlled and underestimated risk for recreational and drinking water in the USA and may become an increasing threat to human health worldwide".
In the same 2015 drought and low snow cover in the west of the USA led to an explosion of toxic algae blooming polluting rivers and lakes. Warning signs barring from swimming or drinking water were posted along the banks, and almost all marine shellfish fishery was stopped because of possible lactic domoidic acid poisoning of shellfishes locates in water contaminated with toxic algae.
"Cyanobacteria are widespread everywhere. In 2007 EPA discovered microcystin (a toxin and potential liver carcinogen) in all three lakes tested. Some of the toxic strains of cyanobacteria can also produce neurotoxins, others cause gastro-intestinal diseases and acute skin rashes.
The cyanobacteria impact often leads to the death of pets and wild animals that drink contaminated water. There also have been human death tragic cases. In 2014 the drinking water supply was temporarily stopped in Toledo (Ohio), a city of 500 000 people, due to cyanobacteria contamination of water taken from the Lake Erie", the scientists from Oregon State University wrote, warning that "cyanobacteria toxins don’t break down when boiled".
The algaecide "VodaGuard O" is unique, because unlike any of the others it slowly dissolves in water and gradually gives up its active substance, that increases and prolongs its functioning. Firstly, the product is kept on the water surface for a long time, and then it step by step sinks deeper, where blue-green algae are concentrated. It does help the product to fight them more effectively. The receipt was invented in Russia and is manufactured at LYSTERRA Production site. Thus, the company follows global trends and tries to offer its solutions to actual problems all over the world.
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