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Jun. 12, 2020

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Jun. 12, 2020

Sustainability is a relative and not always well-defined concept. It is used by many companies these days to claim that their product is more sustainable than others based on differences or criteria that may not always be meaningful.

Sustainability is a key component of Borregaard's business model and one of its core values. The company offers bio-based products with good climate and environmental properties that can replace many petroleum-based products.

Borregaard has been commended for its climate action, achieving a place on global environmental impact non-profit CDP's prestigious. 'A List' for climate change, based on the company's climate reporting in 2019. Borregaard is one of 8,400 companies reporting to CDP last year, only 179 of these made the climate change'A List'. This is Borregaard's second year on CDP's 'A List'.


We take the meaning of Sustainability to Its broadest definition and want our products to help our customers also to become more Sustainable. 

What does It mean ? Well first of all by providing independent Life Cycle Analysis, we can support our customers with trustable data to compare the use of our products against alternatives.

We use 2nd generation bio-based raw materials which means our products are not obtained from materials or lands that can be used for food.

By choosing our products, companies lower the risk to have to re-formulate due to regulatory restrictions or supplier failure.

Finally, the properties and performance of our products can help to make Plant Care Products more efficient and less harmful for the people and the environment.

A few examples of what our products can do:

● Our Complexing agents for Plants Micro-Nutrients generate 75 to 90% less CO2 emissions than EDTA based chelates.
Our Soil Conditioners increase Nutrient Use Efficiency and then reduce the need for Fertilizers
Our Lignin based Dispersants can help avoiding compatibility problems in tank-mix and nozzle blocking during spraying which makes the use of Plant Protection Products safer for the users.
Our Dispersing agents can be used when re-formulating powder products into less dusty granulated alternatives and for production of water-based suspension concentrates instead of solvent-based.
Our Biopolymers have a preferred regulatory status and can be used in Plant Protection & Plant Nutrition Products approved for organic farming. 



Borregaard provides Sustainable AGRI Solutions for many different applications which you can learn more about on our website: www.lignotechAgro.com or by contacting our Representatives.

If you are interested in cooperation with Borregaard, pls contact:
• +47 69 11 80 00 for Europe/Midde-East/Africa
• +1 715 359 65 44 for America
• +65 6778 0008 for Asia

This article was initially published in AgroPages '2020 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology' magazine. Download it to read more articles.



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