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Innovative Botanical Bactericide “Dati-Allin” for bacterial diseases With ECOCERT organic certifciateqrcode

May. 8, 2020

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May. 8, 2020
Bacterial diseases are becoming more and more serious in the world, and cause big loss to agriculture. For example, the area of bacterial diseases in China has exceeded 130 million mu(15mu = 1 hectare), and the area is growing at a rate of 10% per year. At present, the products used to prevent and control bacterial diseases mainly include as below:

Inorganic copper formulation
copper hydroxide and etc.
The chemical properties and efficacy are stable, low toxicity to people, and no resistance
Easy to cause chemical stress to crops, cannot be mixed with other acidic pesticides, easy to cause aggravation of red spider mites.
Organic copper formulation
thiediazole copper and etc.
It is systemic fungicide, almost no chemical stress to crops. Compatible with most of pesticides. Not cause aggravation of red spider mites.
The efficacy is not stable, some are toxicity to human and animals. If use improper, it will cause residue, toxicity, environment pollution and also resistance.
streptomycinand etc.
The efficacy is good to control bacterial diseases
It has big damage to human health and also environment. Many countries have forbidden the use of antibiotics to agriculture. 

So, in order to solve the problem of bacterial diseases, since 2013, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd launched its innovative botanical bactericide “Dati-Allin” to control bacterial diseases. Within several years’ promotion in the market, it shows high efficacy with good feedbacks. 
1. What is Dati-Allin
1) Dati-Allin is an innovative botanical bactericide, which is extracted from garlic with Chengdu Newsun know-how technology “Co-Extraction”. 

2) Registration No. (ICAMA) in China: PD20161251 
2. The target of Dati-Allin
1) Target diseases of Dati-Allin: all bacterial diseases on vegetables, fruits, grains and etc., such as bacterial canker, peach bacterial leaf spot, bacterial wilt, soft rot, cucumber bacterial angular leaf spot and etc.
2) Target crops: all crops, such as vegetables, fruits, grains and etc
3. Mode of action of Dati-Allin
Allicin can inhibit the bacterial thiolase and destroy the cell membrane of pathogenic bacteria, stop the metabolic activity of pathogenic bacteria, and stop them growing and development. Finally, the pathogenic bacteria are killed.
4. Market opportunities of Dati-Allin
1) Chemical pesticide residue management for fruits, vegetables and etc., which with high economic value, especially for the export purpose
In order to control the pesticide residue in agricultural products, farmers have to stop using of chemical pesticides before harvest. But during this period, the bacterial diseases is still damaging the crops. So, how can we do? It is better to use Dati-Allin before harvest with 2-3 times to avoid any chemical pesticide residue. 
2) Diseases resistance management
Within several years’ using of traditional chemical bactericide, the bacterial diseases resistance is very serious. So, farmers have to increase the dosage, but still with lower efficacy. So, how can we do? We can use traditional chemical bactericide together with Dati-Allin, this can significantly solve the problem of disease resistance.
3) Organic management
As Dati-Allin is absolutely natural source, so it is safe to crops, safe to environment, no residue. So, it can be used on organic farming. 
5. The feature of Dati-Allin
1) The only Allicin technical and formulation registration in China with Chinese patent (Patent No.: ZL201510881267.0)
2) Dati-Allin contains different types of active ingredients and no disease resistance. It can not only prevent, but also can cure the bacterial diseases.
3) Meet organic agriculture standard in China and Europe, eco-friendly, safe to crops.
According to the market feedbacks, Dati-Allin show very good efficacy and its market share is increasing rapidly, which is of great future prospects. In the meantime, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science is continuing its efforts to expand the market globally. 
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