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VextaChem’s improved clethodim formulation approved in EUqrcode

Apr. 28, 2020

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Apr. 28, 2020

VextaChem’s improved clethodim formulation approved in EU

In 2018 and 2019, VextaChem S.R.L, European subsidiary of Tide Group, was granted several Annex III registrations in EU countries for its improved clethodim 240 EC formulation - VextaDim. In addition, the company is an applicant for the ongoing EU AIR renewal process for clethodim active substance, alongside Arysta/UPL. Clethodim renewal process is scheduled for completion in 2024; thereafter VextaChem S.R.L (‘VextaChem’) expects to establish a long-term position in Europe with its formulations. Registration of clethodim in all target EU markets will be finalized in 2020, according to the company. 
VextaChem also developed a specialty activator/penetrant adjuvant – VexZone, to boost activity of its clethodim formulations, the performance of the product was proven superior especially when combating the difficult-to-control weeds. VexZone showed excellent performance at such lower rate than standard oily adjuvants, while proving no phytotoxicity and much better ecological profile.
Clethodim is a low-toxic, low-residue and highly selective graminicide. The product is a critical tool for grass weed control in a several industrial and horticultural crops. Clethodim is the best selling global selective graminicide, with annual sales in excess of US$ 300 millions, and is still growing. 
Bruno Folchi, general manager of VextaChem, believes clethodim has important growth potential in Europe, considering it remains the best graminicide product for resistant weeds and may increase in importance with future expected glyphosate ban or restrictions.
“To seize the market opportunities, VextaChem, backed up by Tide Group’s technical strength, is investing in product label extensions and use synergies with other active substances,” said Folchi.
He added that clethodim registration required considerable investments and time, considering the European market has the highest technical and financing requirements and clethodim registration dossier complexity discouraged so far all other generic companies from entering it. 
VextaChem is the first generic entrant in Europe with clethodim formulations, before its entrance, the clethodim market has been monopolized by Arysta/UPL for a long time.
VextaChem was founded in Italy, with Tide Group being the controlling shareholder in partnership with Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemicals ltd and AgroVentures srl - Italy. 
Tide Group, using its successful marketing experience in the US and Brazil, started business development operations in Europe with VextaChem, as a platform for product marketing and distribution. 
It has been a longtime plan of Tide Group to include the EU in its market scope for clethodim, following registrations in the USA and expansion plans ongoing for North and South America. Last year, VextaChem already successfully introduced metamitron formulations in the EU, with own registration package, including a fully independent AIR renewal dossier for the active substance.
In the meantime, VextaChem will proceed in an orderly manner with its process of registering selected products for use with other crops and deliver value to European farmers and its distribution clients.
For more information, please contact Tide Group.
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