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"Aumenax guarantees performance, comes with multisite" - Interview with Hélio Cabral (BASF Soybean Manager)qrcode

Mar. 19, 2020

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Mar. 19, 2020


By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages
The multinational, BASF, recently launched its new fungicide, Aumenax (Fluxapyroxad + Copper Oxychloride), which controls the major diseases affecting soy. The fungicide is a liquid formulation that does not clog up spray tips and has excellent leaf coverage.

Hélio Cabral (BASF's Soybean Manager) gave an exclusive interview to the AgroPages Portal and spoke about its features.

What makes Aumenax, recently launched by BASF, different?
Cabral: BASF is working hard in an innovative way, and it is one of the most innovative companies in the world. We also started to work with soybean seeds, which is progress for us, and we are innovators in crop protection. We have always been ahead in terms of fungicides, and we were the first to recommend these agrochemicals for use on soybeans, and the first to launch a carboxamide on the market.
Currently, we are offering another fungal management tool, which is Aumenax. The product has a liquid formulation and provides convenience to farmers. This is because, in addition to the excellent performance and consistency of BASF products in recent years highlighted by several tests, including Embrapa, Aumenax comes with a multisite fungicide included to it.
It is not a mixture. Its main advantage to farmers, its biggest benefit, is its innovative formulation. Aumenax is very balanced and requires a low dosage compared to other products that have to be mixed. Most important is that it is a fungicide that performs better in productivity tests and even in commercial areas that some producers are testing.

How does this launch help solve the issue of resistance management?

Cabral: Aumenax is intended for this, and it is perhaps one of the most important related initiatives. In the last four years, BASF did not work with multisites, but it was the first company to recommend its use, in accordance to the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC). Today, we have a ready solution for farmers that requires no mixing, and multisite is key to all fungicide applications, especially in terms of resistance management.
There are currently many tools, but we need to preserve these compounds, because there are not so many that will be launched until 2027. So we need to preserve the technologies that we have, to create a “bridge” until new options come up.
So what is next? How will Basf expand its range of solutions, in addition to fungicides?
Cabral: This year, in addition to this launch of Aumenax, we will launch, next year, a solution, an insecticide, to control the insect, Edessa meditabunda, which is a major problem for farmers. In terms of insecticides, it is the biggest concern for Brazilian farmers today.
We are also investing heavily in digital technology. We recently launched Xarvio, which is a fantastic tool for both farmers and the environment, because it can identify where to apply herbicides, which represents savings for producers and greater productivity. The environment will also be grateful, because we can apply only where necessary.

Source: AgroNews


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