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Ubyfol brings adjuvants, fertilizers to farmers in Mato Grosso, Brazilqrcode

Mar. 17, 2020

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Mar. 17, 2020
Ubyfol will attend the show, “Safra BR 163,” held on 17th to 20th March in Lucas do Rio Verde.

According to Eduardo Mengelle (Regional Manager of Ubyfol), the event is considered the most important fair in the state, due to the participation of reputable farmers and research institutions.

“Ubyfol has participated in Safra BR 163 since its first edition. The event is a platform for showcasing technologies and the company's portfolio, in addition to promoting good relationships between customers, influencers and other participants,” he said.

The second meeting between producers will take place from 24th to 28th March in Primavera do Leste during the Farm Show MT 2020. The sixth edition of the fair will showcase several innovations to the state’s agricultural sector. More than a platform for showcasing innovations, Farm Show MT is one of the largest fairs in the Brazilian Midwest. During the event, Ubyfol will feature a stand and demonstration areas that will present a complete nutritional program, which aims to meet the needs of soybeans, corn, and other crops, solving field challenges from planting to the end of the cycle.

From 31st March to 3rd April, Ubyfol will be present in Campo Novo do Parecis at Parecis SuperAgro. According to RTV Ubyfol, Djoni Carli, the company will participate for the first time in the event, which has grown in recent years. “Parecis SuperAgro is the largest agricultural event in the Parecis region and brings together the newest technologies and tools to assist the daily life of rural producers. It is the largest gathering of producers, consultants and researchers from across the region. For Ubyfol, the 13th edition of the event will be the ideal opportunity to strengthen its partnerships and capture new business opportunities in North Mato Grosso,” he said.

Ubyfol Solutions

To all producers in Mato Grosso, Ubyfol will showcase Disperse Ultra, a high performance water-based adjuvant. Composed of organic and biodegradable molecules, it has an affinity for water and vegetable cuticles, and enables the use of nutrients and pesticides in agricultural spraying, through having the properties of spreading and being adhesive, surfactant, anti-drift, penetrating and humectant, in addition to acting as a foam reducer. It is ideal for mixing applications between agrochemicals, and is suitable for all crops.

According to João Alves Silva (Manager of the Technical Market Department), in addition to minimizing drift losses and ensuring good spreadability, foam reduction is paramount. “Today, due to countless products placed in spray mixtures, the formation of foam has become a major problem. Adjuvants that reduce or prevent the formation of foam are well-accepted,” he said.

Another highlight for the company is the Potamol root fertilizer used during the first stages of the crop cycle, which is applied on seeds, blades, plants, tubers and seedlings, as well as for foliar applications at the start of the planting cycle. Its formula contains high concentration of potassium molybdate, an ideal source of molybdenum, with rapid absorption and a low salt index. Therefore, Potamol enables the incorporation of nitrogen to plant metabolism in the early stages of development, in addition to promoting the formation of roots.

According to Silva, the use of this class of product is increasing. "The stimulation of the development of the root system provides greater tolerance to the stresses that the environment can create, mainly water deficiency," he concluded.

The original Portuguese version of this article is from GRUPO CULTIVAR.

Source: AgroNews


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