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Corteva introduces non-neonic seed treatmentqrcode

Mar. 16, 2020

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Mar. 16, 2020

Corteva Agriscience
United States  United States

The company recommends applying the product with a standard fungicide seed treatment rather than using it on its own

Corteva Agriscience has launched a new seed treatment for use on cereals, peas, and lentils that targets wireworm larvae, cutworm larvae, pea leaf weevil, and armyworm.

Lumivia CPL is a non-neonicotinoid-based product that uses a new mode of action to control pests.

“It is a mode of action that works on the muscles of the insect,” said Lorne Thoen of Corteva.

“The existing neonics work on the nervous system, and what we do is work on the muscle system of the pests. So when they come in contact with it and ingest it, they then become paralyzed.”

Wireworms have a long life cycle and can be in the soil in the larva stage for up to six years.

“The existing products don’t kill them. We haven’t really had a product that kills them since Lindane was removed,” Thoen said.

“We can take care of and control them, paralyze them enough until they die. That helps to reduce the population in the soil.”

He said there continues to be a strong need for neonicotinoid-based crop protection products in Canada because they provide a lot of value to growers.

“But we also need to have alternatives there. Maybe it’s a mixture of neonicotinoid and non-neonicotinoid, or maybe it’s straight non-neonics. But we don’t want to be in the business of taking tools away from growers that are valuable,” Thoen said.

He said the product adheres well to the seed and not the mixers, so it both mixes up and cleans up nicely.

“We wouldn’t recommend this product to go out on its own; we recommend that it goes with a standard fungicide seed treatment,” Thoen said.

“We think it’s the full meal deal then because not only are you protecting your investment in your genetics you’re putting in the ground from insects, but you’re also giving them the best head start from those early seed borne diseases as well.”

Lumivia CPL is clear, so if it is applied on its own a colourant also needs to be added during treatment.

Beyond peas and lentils, it can also be used on smaller acre pulse crops such as dry beans.

Thoen said Lumivia CPL will cost $9.30 per acre in wheat, but if growers match it up with Corteva herbicides the price will be brought down to around $6 per acre.

By Robin Booker


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