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SGS creates turnkey GLP seed treatment testing service in Franceqrcode

Mar. 6, 2020

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Mar. 6, 2020

SGS creates turnkey GLP seed treatment testing service in France

SGS has expanded its range of GLP seed treatment testing services in France to create a turnkey solution that helps agriculture operatives comply with regulatory requirements for safety.

Seed treatments are a useful way to deliver pest and disease management products into the growing cycle. Their application can improve yields for a wide variety of crops. Many of the most common crops are pre-treated with the relevant chemicals or biological organisms. This is often done by seed dressing, applying either a dry or wet (slurry or liquid) ­formulation of the seed treatment chemicals.

Seed treatment solutions must undergo supervised field trials before they are offered onto the market. This allows the collection of necessary data to prove the product is safe and complies with regulatory requirements governing the protection of the environment, local ecology, and human health.

During trials it is important to accurately replicate real-life usage. Seed treatments are applied prior to planting or sowing, either at a seed treatment facility or in the field immediately before planting. It is important to ensure the correct dosage is applied during the trial. To ensure this, the organization undertaking the trial must hold a GLP Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

SGS turnkey solution for seed treatment trials

SGS operates an extensive field trial network across Europe and the world. In France, they have recently invested in expanding their range of services covering seed treatment. The expansion includes a several analytically verified and certified methods and techniques, even covering seed ordering and including seed treatment and application verification (STAV).

Included in their turnkey solution are germination testing in their climate chambers and greenhouses, covering both prior and post seed treatment, and integrated logistical services to dispatch your samples to field trial sites across Europe.

Their comprehensive range of services to the seed treatment industry includes:

- Purchase of seeds and reference products
- Treatment conducted at a GLP field station using a dedicated room encompassing all necessary safety measures
- Seed treatment with liquid seed treatment formulations in dedicated Hege II systems equipped for different boll sizes. Further solutions are established for larger seed batch sizes
- Seed treatment application verification is conducted by their GLP laboratory network delivering a GLP Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
- Comprehensive handling and shipment logistics (treated seed delivery to field stations) managed by their team in France
- Seed germination testing pre and post seed treatment in SGS growth chambers/greenhouses
- Dust–off (Heubach) test is also available

The development of a turnkey GLP seed treatment solution in France is part of SGS's commitment to providing a comprehensive contract services to the agriculture sector.

With a global network of GLP laboratories and GLP field stations, they have considerable experience in conducting GLP compliant field trials and laboratory analysis for the agricultural sector. Wherever you operate in the world, SGS is the first choice when finding the right agricultural contract service provider.

Source: SGS Group


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