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Mar. 4, 2020

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Mar. 4, 2020
Grace Yuan

Grace Yuan

Global Marketing Director


Copper-based fungicides play a decisive role in controlling bacterial diseases, whether evaluated in efficacy or market shares. At the same time, copper-based fungicides show high efficacy against some fungal diseases such as downy mildew, Alternaria leaf spot and brown blotches in fruits and vegetable crops. Due to the advantages of eco-friendship, relative safety, rare resistance and usage in organic agriculture, copper-based fungicides have steadily retained the sixth position among all fungicides.

Accordingly, AgroPages recently came up with a special topic surrounding copper-based fungicides/bactericide product and invited some key players in this field to share their views over the global market landscape, product series, core strengths, application situation, as well as future development prospects. Below are the insights from Manica.

Q1: Can you tell us about your company’s product line of copper-based fungicides, major markets, application and promotion situation?

Manica is a family owned company producing copper based products since more than 70 years. The production started with the product Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate, which we are still producing today and are considered to be one of the major producers of this product worldwide.

We produce both Technical Copper Oxychloride and Technical Bordeaux Mixture formulating them also in WP, WG and SC with various concentrations. Manica has the know how also for the formulations based on Copper Hydroxide and Tribasic Copper Sulphate.

Manica has a strong presence in the Southern European market along with the Mediterranean countries. Our aim is to increase our registrations in middle and far East.

We are convinced that more and more countries will be demanding copper based fungicides thanks to the very well know mode of action (multisite) and to the high efficacy to many targets (fungi and bacteria).
Q2: Currently, more and more companies are getting involved in copper-based bactericide industry as its excellent performance, how do you differentiate your products? What’s the planning to introduce new products?

There are very few bactericides in the world since anti-biotics are banned in many countries worldwide. Copper is well known for his bactericide activity but traditional usage during winter season are used less and less due to the high dosage requested to have a good efficacy. For this reason, Manica is investing in very selective formulated products which can be used during the vegetation period against bacteriosis. Thanks to particular formulations, you can use lower doses and have a great efficacy.

Manica pays particular attention to its formulations and especially to the quality of its products keeping an eye on the heavy metals.

Q3: What obstacles does your company experience when you’re trying to bring copper-based fungicides to a new market? How did you tackle them?

Entering a new market nowadays is much more complicated compared to years ago. In the past it was important to have a registration in our home country and just a few data and you were granted the registration. Recently, registration abroad has become more and more complicated and the data requested to register is increasing day by day. Another crucial matter is concerning the timing. To be granted a registration in a foreign country outside of Europe, you need always at least a few years.

In order to overcome this situation, we were obliged to hire more people in our regulatory department and thanks to European regulations we have most documents requested which were already prepared at EU level.

Q4: Could you share with us the future development planning of your company in the field of copper-based fungicides?
Manica is investing in new and innovative formulations with lower copper content but maintaining a high efficacy.

We also are looking into other products which we have already invested, like for example Cyazofamide and are looking into many others. These products have to be with a low environmental impact and safe for the farmers with a good efficacy.

If you are also the player in the field of copper-based fungicides/bactericide products and would like to join the above topic discussion/promote your products, pls contact us via:


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