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What is the global market strategy of Nutrichem of oxyfluorfen? -- Interview with Liu Shangzhong, Chief Scientist of Nutrichemqrcode

Feb. 14, 2020

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Feb. 14, 2020

What is the global market strategy of Nutrichem of oxyfluorfen? -- Interview with Liu Shangzhong, Chief Scientist of Nutrichem

Oxyfluorfen is a Protoporphyrinogen Oxidase (PPO) inhibitor herbicide. PPO-based Goal brands have maintained their presence in the global market due to their unique herbicidal features. In 2015, Nutrichem announced the acquisition of the global oxyfluorfen business of Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva), which includes global registrations, brands, manufacturing information and intellectual property relating to oxyfluorfen herbicides, including all the Goal herbicide brands.
Recently, letters from AgroPages readers from Sudan, Russia and other countries and regions indicated a desire to learn more about the supply of oxyfluorfen and to distribute oxyfluorfen and Goal herbicide products in their countries.
To this end, AgroPages interviewed Dr. Liu Shangzhong, chief scientist of Nutrichem, who shared with us the background of Nutrichem’s acquisition of the oxyfluorfen business from Dow and the future global market strategy of the company.

Dr. Liu Shangzhong, chief scientist of Nutrichem

Background of the acquisition of Dow’s oxyfluorfen business
Nutrichem has been supplying oxyfluorfen to Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva) since 2007. Nutrichem establishes its production workshops and production teams based on the advanced chemical production concepts of leading technology, a safe process, stable quality and continuous production, all of which have been guaranteeing stable production and supply under various safety production systems in China for over 10 years. Nutrichem has also maintained its commitment of exclusive supply to Dow AgroSciences to meet the demands of the global market.
In 2015, Nutrichem acquired the global business of oxyfluorfen of Dow AgroSciences after a comprehensive and deliberate evaluation. Dow AgroSciences was authorized to distribute Goal herbicide products made with oxyfluorfen and supplied by Nutrichem on an on-going basis from 2015 to 2020. We thank Corteva for maintaining the global market and brand value of the product during the five-year cooperation period.

Global market strategy for oxyfluorfen of Nutrichem
Oxyfluorfen is now an important and high-quality asset of Nutrichem. After gradually taking over the registration of the product across the world from 2016, Nutrichem learned the registration requirements of different countries and continues to maintain product registrations. Nutrichem also knows well the application and business distribution of the product across the world, and based on this, it has further strengthened the sustainable production of the product TC and the production capacity of the formulation factory. At the same time, Nutrichem has taken on different business strategies in different regions of the world.
1. To establish subsidiaries, hold and maintain registrations, and conduct business with local distributors;
2. To select reliable partners, hold and maintain registrations locally, and carry out distribution;
3. To develop new markets for oxyfluorfen and Goal products with partners.
Nutrichem is now building a new global distribution system for Goal products. After 2020, Nutrichem will continue to provide oxyfluorfen TC, high-quality Goal brand products and the corresponding high-quality services to growers and distributors around the world, together with partners such as Nufarm, as with Corteva (Dow AgroSciences) previously.
If you have any questions about the supply of oxyfluorfen and Goal products, please contact at mpd.list@nutrichem.cn.
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