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Jan. 9, 2020

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Jan. 9, 2020

Chili is one of the main cash crops in Malaysia. In July 2019, the Malaysian government will not allow the import of the Vietnam’s chili from the end of 2019, according to Malaysia's deputy prime minister of agriculture and agro-industries. Because the experts have found that "excessive chemicals" are stored in the peppers. At the same time, he stressed that if Vietnam meets the criteria for the Pepper Standard Certification that the Malaysian government will lift the ban.

As the price of chili has risen, the number of farmers growing chili has increased. The process of growing chili is extremely challenging. During the 6-month growth cycle, Malay farmers pay close attention to soil acidity, temperature, humidity, fertilization levels, pests and diseases, etc., which can affect the harvest if you are not careful. Most Malay farmers do not have professional planting techniques and have difficulty obtaining high yields.
The Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture has implemented appropriate financial support and technical training to help farmers grow chili. Many farmers have not been trained. These untrained farmers can only get advice through social media, word-of-mouth or from pesticide shops, but the information is not accurate.
Thus, Leili Partners and Leili team went deep into the fields to teach them chili planting techniques and solve key issues such as Malay chili leaf curling, viral disease and rooting.
1. Leili Balanced farming Practice of Chili leaf curling and viral disease

1.1 Problems with chili cultivation
In the local area of Malay, the necrosis of chili leaf virus, leaf curls, mastodes and growth points is a major challenge in the cultivation of chilis. The paprika leaf virus does not have very effective prevention and control measures in Malaysia. In the event of such a situation, the treatment is only to eradicate incineration landfills.
1.2 Practice:
Using Leili Amica diluted 1000 times + Leili2000" diluted 1000 times + SoftGuard1000 times, every two weeks on the leaf spray.
1.3 Effect:

Leili2000 can quickly increase the area of chili leaves, increase the chlorophyll content for the leaves so that photosynthesis enhances, also to supplement the nutrients needed for chili growth and to ensure the healthy growth of chili peppers.

SoftGuard can induce chili to produce a chitinase in advance, so as to improve the immunity of chilis themselves. The product plays the role of resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, at the same time, very good can also promote the growth of new shoots, the pepper leaves curling also has a good prevention and control effect.
Because most of the real bacteria contain "chitinase", when encountered real bacteria attack. The pepper itself can produce chitinase to dissolve the cell wall of real bacteria, thereby inhibiting the germs. SoftGuard inside contains a lot of a few clots, it sprayed on the pepper, not only did not have any harm to the pepper, also it gave chilis a wake up. The pepper thought the bacteria infected it, and will produce a lot of chitinase which is like a good vaccine to the chilis, effectively prevent fungi and bacterial diseases and viruses.

Leili AmiCa can solve calcium growth point necrosis and leaf curling caused by calcium deficiency, ensuring healthy growth of growth point, while AminCa can also increase cell wall thickness, reduce the phenomenon of leaf curling caused by insect smoking.

After using Leili AmiCa, chili leaf disease is cured, leaf color is green, plants grow normally, fruit color bright and yield quality is greatly improved, therefore 90% of products can reach A grade.
2. Pepper Root Solution
2.1 Practice:
Nursery period, Leili RootMost dulited 1000 times, spraying 3 times

2.2 Effect:
Developed root system and large number of white roots, so that the chilis slow seedling period are shortened
3. Conclusion and outlook
Currently, the Leili Malay Partners is working closely with researchers at the University of Malay and local farmers to develop a new standard working procedure for chili peppers (SOP) for farmers to grow better chili peppers. Among them, Leili product will become an important part of SOP. We hope to improve the added value of goods through Leili products provide better practice for farmers.
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