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Syngenta launches its fungicide Miravis® DUO, a big change to Chinese fungicide marketqrcode

Jan. 3, 2020

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Jan. 3, 2020

On 28th December in Jinan, Shandong Province, ChinaSyngenta held a product release ceremony for its fungicide,  Miravis® DUO, which contains pydiflumetofen, a new-generation SDHI fungicidal ingredient.

Miravis® DUO is also Syngenta's first pydiflumetofen formulation launched in the Chinese market, and is regarded as a breakthrough in the Chinese fungicide industry.

The releases of pydiflumetofen is a new breakthrough in the area of SDHI fungicides, as it has a broader fungicidal spectrum. It controls botrytis, fusarium graminearum and septoria from eight to 30 times better similar products. Furthermore, the lipophilic structure of its chemical composition can quickly and closely combine with leaf waxy layer. About six hours after application, 80% of the agent enters the waxy layer while a small amount enters the plant’s body, which provides good protection against various external environmental conditions, achieving a longer-term effect. 

As the first product to be released from the pydiflumetofen series,  Miravis® DUO is composed of
pydiflumetofen and difenoconazole, which have a broader fungicidal spectrum and can control 60% of crop diseases worldwide. Syngenta is expecting, via precision positioning, to establish  Miravis® DUO as the leading fungicide for controlling cash crop diseases, which will help Chinese farmers harvest sweet fruits.

In China, pydiflumetofen will soon be released to the market as part of four products registered for application on over 10 crops covering more than 15 targets. As the first market release,  Miravis® DUO can effectively counter the existing resistance to triazole fungicides when controlling melon powdery mildew, whilst its ability to control leaf spot is incomparable.

According to Cao Huinan (Sales Manager of Syngenta North China), future global annual sales of pydiflumetofen is expected to reach US$1 billion, and Syngenta is fully confident and backs the product. Syngenta, now China’s Syngenta, is dedicated to helping China become a leader in research and development on an equal level to Europe and the United States, to contribute to China's agricultural modernization.

Following  Miravis® DUO’s release in Shandong, it will be released in Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Yunnan and Hainan, to provide Chinese agricultural growers with an excellent disease control experience brought about by this revolutionary fungicide.

Source: AgroNews


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