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−− Interview with Javier de la Rua, director Rotam Brasil

Dec. 19, 2019

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Dec. 19, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages
Agropages spoke exclusively to Javier de la Rua, director Rotam Brasil, who revealed the company's plans for the country. According to him, the company's objective is to strengthen its herbicide portfolio to meet this emerging market.

Give us an overview of what Rotam is preparing for Brazil and Latin America.
The truth is that Rotam began in Brazil 15 years ago; it was the first country we came to in South America. Then came Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. It has always been the priority, both in volume and portfolio. But we are also attentive and addressing the problems of each country in the region. Brazil and South America are focused, as are the other 65 countries we serve. China and Asia have demands, while Europe and the United States have other demands.
The problems in each region are different, but in Brazil, we are on a path of herbicides, we have a stronger portfolio of insecticides and fungicides and we are now working to strengthen our herbicide line. To this end, we also work closely with other regions, such as Argentina, which has major weed problems, and information is replicated and exchanged among the Rotam group to address this issue. So our focus from now on is to have a more aggressive, more complete portfolio of herbicides, not only for Brazil, but also for the rest of the region, especially Argentina.
What differentiates Rotam at a time when there are restrictions on supplying China with raw materials for agrochemicals?
We have a lot of information about this because we have our factory in China. Our factories meet all the necessary quality and environmental standards and have had no problems, unlike others. Of course, our quality standards meet all kinds of requirements such as water treatment and everything else that demands that quality.
Somehow we are in an advantageous situation. China is rearranging the environmental issue, but we look at it positively, because China is taking steps to take care of the environment and to keep factories that really meet 100% of the requirements and do not affect the environment.
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