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Dec. 17, 2019

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Dec. 17, 2019
The 21st International Forum on the Leili Balanced Farming Practice was recently held in Beijing, with the participation of agronomists, fertilizer experts, agricultural engineers and agricultural service providers from 30 countries who took part in discussions and technical exchanges. 


The forum’s participants also presented constructive and creative solutions to how to promote the Leili Balanced Farming Practice, as well as how to increase the number of soil organisms, quality and yield.
Today, global agriculture is facing the issues of soil imbalance and crop imbalance, and it is unsustainable to sacrifice the environment and human health for agricultural development. Leili’s staff have reviewed and analysed relevant developments over the past 20 years, concluding that a crop solution based on biotechnology and biological products is required, with the core aim of redressing the traditional imbalances caused by chemical farming and establishing a new balance of ecological farming.
During the forum, Leili announced the launch of a series new technologies and products developed by the company after an eleven-year development process, such as marine polysaccharide-microorganism integrated improvement and restoration techniques. 
These new technologies and products have been applied widely to tomato, cucumber, pepper and lettuce, as well as muskmelon, strawberry and winter jujube, with their use spreading to eight provinces and cities, including Beijing and Shandong, covering an applied area of nearly 13,000 hectares and achieving an average 18.9% yield increase. According to an evaluation conducted by experts from the Beijing Agricultural Society, these products are world-class.
Agricultural experts and researchers from Indonesia, Romania, Peru, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Dominica and Saudi Arabia analyzed the application of algae-derived biostimulants on paddy rice, winter wheat and high economic value crops, such as durian, banana, tomato, blueberry and horticulture, while sharing the latest research information and data showing that the Leili Balanced Farming Practice is effective in promoting root growth, enhancing sweetness and coloring, improving quality and increasing returns on investment under adverse conditions while playing a key role in creating a high-quality fruit and vegetable industry value chain.
Leili’s working team disseminated its modern agricultural sciences and technologies to some 80 countries to help improve the quality of high-value fruits and vegetables, such as muskmelon, blueberry, banana and durian, as well as to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and achieve extreme weather resistance and improve soil condition.
After six years of promotion and application, Leili has established a potato and vegetable service platform in China, as well as wheat, rice, grape and durian service platforms in Slovakia, Indonesia, Egypt and Malaysia, respectively.
In 2018, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Pagoda Fruit Group to extend its influence in the downstream industrial chain and provide channeling and sales services related to high-quality fruits, thus shaping an industrial chain loop.
Tang Jie (General Manager of the Beijing Leili Group) said that Leili needs to identify existing issues affecting agricultural production from a consumption perspective, and it can then utilize the Leili Balanced Farming Practice to solve the key problems affecting crop growth, yield and quality. Leili is prepared to work together with its partners to create a high-value agricultural community and empower global farming.
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