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Australia - Crown rot fight can now begin with Syngenta's Vibranceqrcode

Dec. 16, 2019

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Dec. 16, 2019

Australia - Crown rot fight can now begin with Syngenta's Vibrance

VIBRANCE®  will continue to be the broadest spectrum seed treatment available to Australian cereal growers for controlling damaging seed and soilborne diseases, with the added benefit of managing crown rot.
Trials conducted across a number of growing regions in 2018 showed that the use of VIBRANCE delivered a 16% yield improvement versus untreated crops. This was 10% over Evergol Energy and 7% over Rancona Dimension.
The new registration makes VIBRANCE the most cost-effective seed treatment option in the fight against this damaging disease, while adding to the already extensive list of diseases on the product label.
“Managing crown rot in our farming systems has always been a difficult task. Adding to this pressure are often one or more ‘hidden’ soil and stubble borne diseases that compound yield losses and cause downgrading” said Syngenta Technical Services Lead Sean Roberts.
VIBRANCE has always helped cereal crops develop stronger root systems and ultimately healthier plants through the control of flag smut (both seed and soil borne), common bunt, loose smut, covered smut, and seed borne net blotch and Pythium , whilst also providing suppression of seed-borne fusarium head blight caused by Fusarium spp. and white grain.
“When you add the superior colour, application ease and dust-off qualities of VIBRANCE with the broadest control of cereal diseases available to the market, it really does give growers the strongest start possible for their crop,” Sean said.
Source: Seed Quest


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