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Nov. 21, 2019

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Nov. 21, 2019

Jingbo Agrochemicals Technology Co., Ltd. has been approved to operate its Postdoctoral Innovative Practice Base in Shandong Province, raising its stature as a talent incubator and scientific research platform.

Along with the technological capacities of the Postdoctoral Innovative Practice Base, Jingbo Agrochem also has the National Enterprise Technology Center and the Green and New Pesticide Project Technology Research Center in Shandong Province. The company now employs 200 R&D staff, including 14 senior experts and doctors and 36 external experts.
Jingbo Agrochem is responsible for developing green agricultural technologies and has released many technical pesticide products, such as Indoxacarb, Quizalofop-p-ethyl, Kresoxim-methyl, Fenoxanil and other products. Its core technology, Indoxacarb Technical Project, has been released worldwide. Indoxacarb is based on chira, which has a high optical content. The traditional manufacturing process only produces a product with low optical content (S:R=3:1). Research has shown that S-isomer performs well and has active effects while R-isomer has no effect on insects, but it can identify sodium channels to induce resistance. 
In the current market, the presence of Indoxacarb (s-isomer) is low, which leads to the production complicated waste and causes severe pollution during the manufacturing process. In the recent years, Jingbo Agrochem has been developing a new manufacturing process that focuses on an effective chiral inducing catalyst. It has also developed an international advanced chiral catalyst system and promoted the chiral choices of the asymmetric synthesis, increasing optical content from less than 75% to 98%. As well as improving quality, to answer the call for pesticides with lower dosage but are more effective, Jingbo Agrochem has worked with Nankai University and Shandong University to switch from SC and WG to the new high-efficiency EC. The new formulation type of Indoxacarb, with a high optical content, improves the utilization of pesticides and guarantees greater effects in the field while avoiding the use of non-effective ingredients and pollution, therefore, launching the new era of indoxacarb.

Sample of 98% Indoxacarb techincal
Jingbo Agrochem is utilizing the concept of high-quality development, ensuring safety and environment protection, taking advantage of talents and technologies in the R&D phase, and improving technical results, making it a pioneering leader of scientific innovation in the pesticide industry.

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