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Ourofino launches fungicide against peanut early leaf spot in Brazilqrcode

Nov. 12, 2019

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Nov. 12, 2019


By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages
The Brazilian company, Ourofino Agrociência, announced the launch of its new fungicide, Nillus (chlorothalonil 500 SC), which controls early leaf spot that attacks peanut crops. 
Early leaf spot is a disease caused by the fungus, Cercospora arachidicola, which causes roundish brown lesions with yellow borders that are visible around 40 days after planting.
According to a study by Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), the disease reduces peanut leaf area, causes premature leaf fall and can reduce yields by up to 70%. The fungus that causes early leaf spot is especially difficult to control because it is carried by the wind and survives on crop residue from previous plantings.
According to Ourofino Agrociência, Cercospora arachidicola favors high relative humidity and temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees. Due to these characteristics, the company develops solutions that are suitable for tropical agriculture.
Antônio Nucci, Manager of Ourofino Agrociência’s Fungicide Products, explained that Nillus can prevent and control the disease when combined with good agricultural practices, such as crop rotation and the use of quality seeds. In addition to peanuts, Nillus is registered for use on soybeans, citrus, wheat, rice, potatoes, beans and tomatoes.
“Chlorothalonil 500 SC is a protective fungicide with a unique formulation and is composed of micronized particles that provide greater adhesion to leaves, and consequently, less rain loss and better coverage, ensuring better disease control,” Nucci said.
He added that the fungicide is applied preventively and should be used at the start of the rainy season and leaf wetting, the period when the fungus commonly appears. “It should be applied 30 to 40 days before the emergence of peanuts at an interval of 10 to 14 days, while accounting for application volume,” he stated.
Based on this scenario, the application of a quality fungicide suitable for controlling early leaf spot is essential. “Good coverage on the entire plant shoot is critical to successful disease control regardless of the equipment used, whether on ground or air. Nillus ensures this prevention,” Nucci affirmed, stressing that Ourofino's solution is an important resistance management tool for controlling other fungal diseases in corn, cotton and bean crops.
Source: AgroNews


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