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Sep. 12, 2019

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Sep. 12, 2019

BioEx 2019: Introducing Excellent Overseas Biological Products and Jointly Exploring Chinese Agricultural Market

In recent years, China's biopesticide, biostimulant and novel fertilizer industries have been on the way of rapid development with the increasing tightening of domestic environmental protection policy and strong support for biological products. Meantime, an increasing number of overseas outstanding enterprises are attracted by such a maturing biological product market. Many of them choose to set up branches in China or partner with Chinese peers, and have achieved eye-catching results, including, among others, Biolchim, Valagro, and Koppert.
To familiarize Chinese enterprises with new overseas products and technologies in the field of biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers, and create a business exchange platform between Chinese and foreign outstanding enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation results, AGROPAGES successfully held the 2nd Biopesticides and Novel Fertilizers International Summit (BioEx 2019) in Hangzhou from August 22 to 23, 2019. Preeminent companies such as Ecolibrium Biologicals (New Zealand), Marrone Bio Innovations (USA) and AlgaEnergy (Spain) shared their latest technologies and products with Chinese distributors, and nearly 400 manufacturers and distributors from China attended the event.
Chinese biopesticide industry ushers in booming development, with surging demand for overseas excellent products
In recent years, biopesticides have demonstrated a rapid growth trend globally, and its growth rate is far faster than that of chemical pesticides. The market value of biopesticides increased rapidly from US$ 1332 million in 2009 to US$ 3370 million in 2016, up 153%, with the proportion of it in the global market value of pesticides rising by 4%. China is regarded as a market with huge growth potential. However, at this stage, Chinese biopesticide industry still needs to learn from foreign advanced experience in terms of research and development, production, use and farmers' acceptance.
At this meeting, companies such as Ecolibrium Biologicals, Marrone Bio Innovations, Lallemand Plant Care, Novozymes and Wuhan Kernel Bio-tech Co., Ltd. made detailed sharing on the research, development and application of biopesticides.
Stephen Ford, founder and technical director of Ecolibrium Biologicals, introduced Ecolibrium Biologicals’ experience in extending the shelf life of biopesticides. It is noted that Ecolibrium Biologicals owns a unique bioassay platform in the world. The company collects unique indigenous microorganisms in the pristine zone of New Zealand to formulate biopesticide products. As the world's first enterprise to develop live bacteria products, Ecolibrium Biologicals is equipped with excellent cold chain technology, which can greatly extend the shelf life of live bacteria products and ensure the successful delivery of its biopesticide products to the market.

 Stephen Ford, founder and technical director of Ecolibrium Biologicals
As a global leader in biopesticide industry, Marrone Bio Innovations has rich experience in research, development and promotion of biopesticides. Julie Versman, director of International Business of Marrone Bio Innovations, gave a detailed introduction to the company's rich product line to Chinese distributors at the meeting, and analyzed the compatibility of biopesticides with chemical pesticides as well as the combined application of biological formulations, raising new development concept for the biopesticide industry.

Julie Versman, director of International Business of Marrone Bio Innovations

Chinese biostimulant market is maturing and the market for new biostimulant products is expectable

According to the latest report released by Markets and Markets, a US-based market research institution, the compound annual growth rate of the global biostimulant market is expected to reach 10.43%, rising from US$ 2000 million in 2017 to US$ 3290 million in 2022. In the coming 3 to 5 years, the biostimulant market value of China will reach US$ 400 million to US$ 500 million. China is likely to evolve into the largest market for the application of biostimulants in the future. After nearly five years of market cultivation, Chinese biostimulant market is becoming increasingly mature, but the products on the market are not differentiated to a great extent. Therefore, a brand-new biostimulant product (with new source or new mechanism of action) will have a very good market in China.
At the meeting, Douglas Ry Wagner, President of International Agribusiness of AlgaEnergy, introduced microalgae, a new biostimulant material. He pointed out that microalgae, a unicellular organism, is rich in a variety of substances that can promote plant growth, especially suitable for high-value crops. He also showed the performance of microalgae derived biostimulants in improving production and quality of various crops, which is impressive to the audience. After the meeting, Douglas was involved with busy communication with participants to discuss the possibility of future cooperation in China.

Douglas Ry Wagner, President of International Agribusiness of AlgaEnergy
Besides, companies such as Intermag, Tradecorp, Humic Growth Solutions, and FBSciences also shared their latest technologies and products in the fields of macro- and micro- elements and humic acids.
Presently, China shows increasing demand for overseas excellent biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers. Domestic distributors are keen to distribute overseas excellent products in China and hope AGROPAGES can help find overseas excellent producer resources to jointly explore China's huge biological product market. AGROPAGES plans to hold BioEx 2020 in China in August 2020, aiming to continue introducing excellent overseas resources to China. If you are interested in the Chinese market, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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