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Jul. 10, 2019

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Jul. 10, 2019
Pilarquim has been present in South America for more than 40 years, with Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador being the oldest countries selling Pilarquim products. High quality products, reliable human resources and good commercial conditions have made Pilarquim an important supplier for many companies in South America. In 2017, Pilarquim (Shanghai) merged with Jiangsu Mindleader and the company entered a new era. Its global registration and development process for new specialized and strategic products began, changes started to be seen in the market around the world, and countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador were the first to implement Pilarquim’s new changes. 
Slowly leaving behind the sale of commodity products, Pilarquim is now getting into specialized products which consist of innovate mixtures and formulations with better performance in the fields; the company predicts that at the end of the day, it will provide farmers with healthier and more sustainable crops.
Strategic products, which are based on unique mixtures or formulations such as seed treatment PILARTHIXIN, combines two fungicides with one insecticide, and can not only control seed-borne diseases, soil-borne diseases, underground pests and above-ground pests, but can also promote the growth of the crop. It gives the best results in the field and reported a more than 20% increase in germination. 
Another strategic product is PILARTEP, combining two of the best fungicides, which includes not only performance, efficacy and cost, but also takes protectant and curative fungicides to the next level. It is especially effective in the case of leaf spot diseases such as potato early blight, rice sheath blight, corn leaf blight, banana black sigatoka, mango anthracnose and the powdery mildew of many crops.
PILARCLOTRIN ZC, with a unique formulation based on Microcapsule (CS) combined with Suspension Concentrate (SC), gives longer persistence and a broader spectrum, thus effectively saving labor and other costs for farmers. Whether it is sucking mouthparts pests or chewing mouthparts pests, PILARCLOTRIN can kill them all.
Before registering these new strategic products, the marketing team of Pilarquim conducted a lot of market research and visited many farmers to determine their real needs and expectations. All these new strategic products from Pilarquim are designed to help local farmers get a better harvest.
Pilarquim is also doing similar work in other regions and countries, as the various regions continue to obtain new strategic product registration certificates in as many countries as possible. Pilarquim is going to have a better market performance in the global pesticide market and provide farmers around the world with the best pesticides.  
Pilarquim, for quality harvest!  
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