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UPL presents Orthene systemic insecticide in Brazil: Interview with Sérgio Chidiqrcode

Jun. 3, 2019

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Jun. 3, 2019

UPL presents Orthene systemic insecticide in Brazil: Interview with Sérgio Chidi

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages 
AgroPages exclusively interviewed Sérgio Chidi, leader of insecticides at UPL Brazil. He spoke about the advantages of the Orthene insecticide, which is being highlighted by the India-origin company to control the main sucking and chewing pests of various crops, such as cotton, beans, soybeans and ground tomatoes. Chidi also explained how the portfolio integration with the recently acquired Arysta is being integrated.
What are the advantages that Orthene offers?
Orthene is a leader in the segment of acephate-based insecticides, a milestone that has reached the highest efficiency and tradition of the brand. With consistent control results over the years, the product continues to grow, being an excellent tool in the management of pest resistance. The formulation of this product guarantees the maximum performance of the active ingredient and a reduction in volume by up to 20%, reducing logistical and storage costs.
Why is this a solution that the UPL recommends?
For UPL, to offer the best technologies for efficient management is to be able to be part of the evolution of the farmer - and agriculture - and to achieve expectations, which brings us closer to those in the fields. Orthene is a systemic insecticide that controls the major sucking and chewing pests of various crops, especially cotton, peanuts, potatoes, citrus, beans, melons, corn, soybeans and industrial tomatoes. With a broad spectrum of control, Orthene is recommended for several sucking and chewing pests, including different thrips, bedbugs, leafhoppers and caterpillars. In addition to being as effective as an insecticide, Orthene was the first to use water-soluble packaging even before such a practice was required by law. In contact with water, the packaging dissolves, avoiding direct contact with the contents and ensuring the safety of the field worker.
This product was from Arysta, which was recently acquired. How has this portfolio unification worked?
With the acquisition of Arysta LifeSciense, UPL has become one of the five largest agricultural solutions companies in the world. With the unification of the products of the two companies, we have a unique portfolio, which is one of the most complete and robust in the market for agriculture, considering its complexity and dynamics across all cultures, and we continue to carry out studies to launch new solutions. In May, we brought together our sales, market development, strategic marketing, research and management teams for integrated crop training. This event, although internal, was very important, because it was the first to integrate the teams - already defined - and the technical positions. More than 230 employees from all over the country participated, with theoretical and practical debates at our Agricultural Research and Development Center in Pereiras, in the interior of São Paulo. Our objective is to offer rural producers innovative solutions, with complete programs of phytosanitary management integrating chemical control, biological and phytostimulation of the plant, providing not only control, but also a greater profitability to the producer. That is why the portfolio of the two companies complements each other.
Source: AgroNews


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