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EU renewed approval of isoxaflutoleqrcode

May. 15, 2019

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May. 15, 2019
The approval of the herbicide active ingredient isoxaflutole is renewed by the European Commission. The approval will apply from 1 August 2019 and expire on 31 July 2034.
Member States shall pay particular attention to:
- the protection of groundwater, when the substance is applied in regions with vulnerable soil and/or climatic conditions,
- the protection of aquatic organisms, wild mammals and non-target terrestrial plants.
Conditions of use shall include risk mitigation measures, where appropriate.
The applicant shall submit to the Commission, the Member States and the Authority confirmatory information as regards the effect of water treatment processes on the nature of residues present in surface and groundwater, when surface water or groundwater is abstracted for drinking water. The applicant shall submit this information within 2 years from the date of publication, by the Commission, of a guidance document on the evaluation of the effect of water treatment processes on the nature of residues present in surface and groundwater.
The applicant shall also provide an updated assessment to confirm that isoxaflutole is not an endocrine disruptor within the meaning of points 3.6.5 and 3.8.2 of Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, as amended by Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/605 and in accordance with the guidance for the identification of endocrine disruptors by 10 May 2021.
Source: EUR-Lex


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