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Bayer launches herbicide that promises to revolutionize Brazilian sugarcane marketqrcode

Apr. 2, 2019

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Apr. 2, 2019
The current situation in Brazil of resistance of weeds to herbicides in the various production systems is a reality, and the infestation of these weeds is one of the main problems of modern agriculture. In sugarcane cultivation, for example, the longer their coexistence with the crop, the greater the impact caused, particularly if the coexistence occurs in the first 90 days of the sugar cane cycle. In the literature, losses of up to 85% on ryegrass, and up to 100% on sugarcane, are reported.
Against this backdrop, Bayer is launching the herbicide Provence Total, a union of the company's main products for sugarcane - Alion (Indaziflam) and Provence (Isoxaflutole) - for the next harvest. It could control narrow-leaf and broad-leaf weeds, according to Carlos D'Arce, Bayer's Strategic Marketing Manager for Herbicides and Growth Regulators.
Provence Total has a long residual, almost 200 days, and its application contributes to the sustainability of the producer's business, since its action allows optimized applications, contributing to the reduction of the consumption of water, machinery and CO2, besides the optimization of the workforce in the treatment of crops. According to D'Arce, its effectiveness in the field can be achieved with doses ranging from 200 to 250 ml of product per hectare. "It is the lowest dosage on the market. Our expectation is to reduce the need for re-application by up to 50%," said D'Arce.
The use of this technology, together with the correct management and superior agricultural practices, becomes a strategic tool for the rural producer to produce more and better harvests. The new herbicide meets the needs of farmers, who face weeds that are difficult to control. Because controlling plants that compete for water, space and light with the main crop, it can have a larger production per hectare, with optimized cost and higher quality of the final product. 

"For the launch of Provence Total, 220 experimental fields were cultivated in all the sugarcane regions of the country, in partnership with producers of commercial areas. We tested its ease of handling and flexibility in real conditions, which allow the application work during the entire sugarcane harvest," said D'Arce.
Bayer considers the sugarcane market to be an important pillar within the company's strategy in the country, so it constantly seeks to offer the producer innovations that contribute to the technological advancement and sustainability of the sugar and alcohol complex. "We are committed to driving modern agriculture through solutions from research and development. We stand by the farmers, listening and understanding their needs to provide exactly what they needs to develop business in a sustainable way," noted D'Arce.

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