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Apr. 2, 2019

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Apr. 2, 2019

Poland  Poland

Undoubtedly, the role of medium and trace element fertilizers in the fertilization system of today's farmers is becoming more and more important. With the application of traditional fertilizers, trace elements in the soil are seriously unbalanced, and medium and trace element fertilizers have also ushered in major development opportunities.
ADOB has become one of the world's largest suppliers of high-end medium and trace elements, and is known worldwide for its unique IDHA chelation patent technology. In 2019, ADOB released a new technology - BRNA. Recently, Ms. Katarzyna Nawrocka, ADOB CFO and China Country Manager, accepted an exclusive interview with AgroPages and reviewed the history of ADOB over the past 28 years and the future planning outlook.

Katarzyna Nawrocka, ADOB CFO and China Country Manager
As the world's leading high-end medium and trace element company, ADOB has been 28 years since its establishment. Could you share with us the major development milestones ADOB has experienced in the past 28 years?
Katarzyna: There were many important events over this period and each stage of the company’s development offered unique opportunities, but also meant challenges.

Establishing the company in a new political and economic environment in Poland in early 1990s, introducing ADOB products to international markets to reach over 80 countries world-wide right now as well as opening joint-venture companies including one in China are surely very important moments in the history of the company. However, as a chemically oriented company, we take most pride in our R&D work which led to obtaining patents for a number of new products which are already present in international markets. Innovative biodegradable IDHA chelates patented together with Bayer or a new iron chelate Fe HBED fully developed and patented by ADOB put the company on the map as one of the leading micronutrient companies world-wide and to us in means that the direction taken by the company was the right one.

How do you see the opportunities and challenges in the development of micronutrient fertilizers around the world? What role does ADOB play in the field?

Katarzyna: Microelements are becoming more important than ever, as there is a worldwide shortage of new arable land and lack of water. We observe more and more interesting roles played by microelements in plants among the growers. The fertilizer users have a wide access to scientific and commercial publications which show the real microelement advantages, especially in the case of trace element deficiency. ADOB company as a high-end medium and trace element producer has a wide range of microelement fertilizers which allow us to supply optimal products. ADOB offers microelements in liquid and solid form for foliar and soil application. The company pays special attention to chelated trace elements, which are the most efficient form of fertilization. It guarantees that the metals are 100% chelated and fully absorbed by the plant. Among chelated microelements the company produces four different types of chelating agents, depending on water and soil pH.  pH≤6.5 ( IDHA or EDTA ) , pH 6.5-7.5 ( DTPA) , pH ≥7.5 ( HBED) .
Beside the production of chelated trace elements, ADOB leads intensive technical trainings, consultations, support for the farmers and dealers regarding our products.

According to all market studies CARG for microelements is estimated 7-9% well above the merely 2-3% for macroelements.
We have noticed that ADOB is also a leading company of foliar fertilizer. Could you share with us the advantages of foliar fertilizer over traditional fertilizer? What are the core advantages of ADOB in the field of foliar fertilizer?

Katarzyna: Yes, that’s right. We focus largely on foliar fertilizers and their technical application. Having a huge experience and many research results we recommend this kind of nutrient application. Foliar application is the fastest and the most effective form of plant nutrition. It enables providing nutrients directly to the plant in a controlled manner. Although the foliar fertilization is not able to constitute for a full nutrition program, in many situation like drought, stress, it can be only one way to supply the nutrients to the plant. Additionally the fertilization will be the most effective if we use the nutrients in  a chelated form. ADOB has a wide range of foliar fertilizers, single and mix composition.

An additional advantage of our products are the technologies which are used in the production process. Technology 2.0 – due to the biodegradable tensides, nutrients are absorbed much faster. Technology IDHA - based on biodegradable chelating agent. The newest BRNA technology - based on biodegradable complexing agent. All these and others elements make our products innovative, effective and environment friendly.  We are very much involved not only in effectiveness of foliar fertilizer but especially in mechanism of microelements uptake as this item needs still a lot of efforts to be fully understood.
Could you share the major actions of ADOB in 2018? How well your company performance? What is ADOB's plan for product development and market layout in the next few years?
Katarzyna:As a whole we have to say it was a good year for the company. We have witnessed increasing sales numbers globally despite difficult conditions in certain areas. As you know Middle East is especially complicated these days with political and economic issues limiting business opportunities, so this was one of the challenges we faced this year. Luckily our global presence means we can make up in other areas and this is what we actually did to reach yet another record breaking year.

The main focus in 2019 will be related with :

-Further development crop-specific products in different countries based on local soil analyses
-New markets for BRNA technology together with our motivated partner
-Completing the technology to produce plant protection products based on ionic liquids which are more effective and environment friendly , based on state of art process

ADOB set up a subsidiary in China in 2011.After several years of development, how is ADOB performing in China? What do you think of the Chinese market for medium and microelement fertilizers?
Katarzyna:From the beginning, the joint venture with ADOB Qingdao has been developing very successfully.

Thanks to our partner's network, we can offer fertilizers in over 25 provinces. The wide list of  ADOB Qingdao products includes many products in general groups: single and mixed chelated trace elements, NPK WSF, liquid functional products, secondary and micro elements. 

Both side of joint venture partners agreed that only the highest quality, innovative, effective and environment friendly products guarantee positive development on the market. As an international group together with the ADOB QD team we take part in many agriculture conferences and exhibitions. Specialized agronomists visit selected farms to provide farmers with recommendations. The Chinese population is 1.4 bln people which places China on the first position in production of fruits, vegetables and agricultural crops. Despite of China is still the top consumer of NPK fertilizer as I stated before the growers have more awareness and interest in microelement nutrition that can protect their crops against diseases and provide a higher yield. Also the new Chinese Government Policy “China Zero growth” makes positive changes for sustainable plant nutrition. We are observing all these factors and look towards the future with optimism to better optimize productivity of Chinese agriculture.

ADOB launched the new BRNA brand in January 2019. Could you tell us what BRNA is? What is the strategic significance?

Katarzyna: ADOB company as a high-end medium and microelements producer, concentrates its research on   fertilizers with the highest quality, effectiveness and safety for the environment. The products based on BRNA technology are exactly such. BRNA means biodegradable release nutrient adjuvant.

What does it exactly mean? The BRNA molecule, used for complexing required nutrients is biodegradable. The use of nitrogen atoms in combination with oxygen as donor atoms creates complexes with transition metals like: iron, manganese, zinc or cooper and the complexes are formed being stable in solutions or on the contrary  the native nutrients could be released from the soil, both macro- and microelements. The research on BRNA has showed the releasing effect of macro P,K and microelements from the soil without fertilizer application. Fertilizers based on BRNA technology  can be used for foliar and soil application.  January 9th, 2019 during  BRNA Launching Conference we will present two products based on the new BRNA technology. All ingredients in ADOB Ca BRNA and ADOB Mg BRNA are available to plants, don’t accumulate in the soil and don’t leach to ground waters. Both products are environment friendly according to the Chinese policy.
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