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Mar. 12, 2019

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Mar. 12, 2019
JDM Scientific Research Organisation Pvt. Ltd.(JDM Research), a GLP Facility & Contract Research Organisation(CRO), a new entrant in the industy, was mentioned frequently in India last year.

Who is JDM Research?

Recently, following an unexpected encounter with Mr. Joy Paiza, Vice President of JDM Research, AgroPages found out more about the business entity. 

As a new player in the CRO industry, would you please tell us something about JDM Research? Where are you from and when did you come into being?

With the global demand moving toward safe and environment-friendly products, the burden for industries in terms of R&D expenditure has increased significantly, while there is still a void with regard to an integrated R&D and regulatory service provider. JDM Research has positioned itself as a one-stop solution to address all the R&D and regulatory needs of a customer as a project for global delivery.

Built in 2015 on a 10-acre land (120 thousand square feet built-up area) in Gujarat, India, we boast of having a stateof- the-art infrastructure.

JDM Research received ISO: 17025(NABL) in June 2017, OECD GLP Certification in February 2018, and our R&D was recognized by DSIR (Government of India) in March 2018. We also received CPCSEA approval for our animal house facility in July 2018.

We started our operations in 2016-17 and have been catering to Research and Development work for various pharma, agro and fine chemical companies. From February 2018, we have also been supporting the industry through GLP Studies.

JDM Research was globally represented at the Drug Discovery Nexus May 2018 (Germany), Agrochemex & CAC 2018 (China) and Chemspec Mumbai & ICSCE Goa in 2018 (India) and has attracted many visitors and conducted deep knowledge exchanges with industry players.

What is your vision and aim?

Our vision is to realize the full potential of research to advance scientific understanding and enhance lives.

Our aim is to be a one-stop solution for compliance testing-GLP testing, research solutions and regulatory support.

What facilities do you have and what services can you provide?

We provide R&D services, the scaleup of active ingredients and formulations of production technologies to pilot plant levels and regulatory data generation for both phys-chem and toxicology.

We can also provide the following services: 
● GLP Phys-Chem studies as per OECD guidelines
● Toxicological studies as per OECD guidelines
●Bio-medical device testing as per ISO guidelines
● R&D synthesis
● R&D formulations
● Scale-up studies pilot plant
● Bio-efficacy trials
● Residue analysis and persistence studies
● Health-based safety limit determination


As we know, there are many CROs in India, and the competition becomes very fierce. It may be hard for new entrants; what special advantages do you have over industry rivals?

We understand that most of the other CROs are focused on either regulatory data generation or research or scale-up studies, and most of the time the facilities available are partial.

At JDM Research, we have a synthesis R&D and formulation R&D in the same premises. For both synthesis and formulations, we have a pilot plant with complete systems to develop all types of chemistries.

We can provide GLP phys-chem studies for all OECD test parameters at one go, including the Five Batch analysis.

Our tox facility is one-of-its-kind, with a double corridor clean room facility, >50 animal experiment rooms, with an HVAC (350 TR) system installed.

Standard and impurities required for the studies can be easily made available with our in-house R&D, which is characterized by highly sophisticated equipment available in-house.


Tell us something about your strategy orientation. Where and who are your core markets and partners?

Having an OECD GLP-certified facility, DSIR-approved R&D, ISO-17025 accreditation, CIBRC and CPCSEA approval and world-class infrastructure, we are the partners of choice among pharma, agro and fine chemical businesses from various geographies such as India, China, Japan, Europe and the USA.

We offer a complete project right from the synthesis of molecule to regulatory data generation, including efficacy trials.

How will you support your strategic partners in promoting their business?

The availability of all facilities and scientists at one place facilitates technical discussions and has a favorable effect on the product development.

Our customers primarily work with a marketing or production approach that is their core competence, our project approach helps complement them to reduce the involvement of capital resources and human resources to achieve significant cost reductions in a timely manner to achieve targeted objectives.

What are your development plans for the coming years? Chances and challenges?

The entire industry is working toward reducing pollution and producing environment-friendly products; we will provide a clearly defined approach toward achieving these goals.

Our entire focus and work ethics are centered on creating intellectual property for our customers.

Today, the customer needs safe, good quality and cost effective products. The industry is looking for innovation and high throughput; the challenge is to complete the project in time for global delivery applications, and JDM Research is poised to capitalize on that challenge.

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