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BASF launches Tessior System against disease-causing fungi on the vine in Argentinaqrcode

Feb. 28, 2019

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Feb. 28, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages

BASF introduced the Tessior System this month in Argentina for the prevention of fungal diseases generated in vine pruning wounds. It is a solution that combines the application of a polymer blocking plant exposure and two specific fungicides, boscalid and pyraclostrobin.
Lidia Paredes, crop manager of Vine and Fruits for BASF, highlighted the main characteristics of Tessior, a preventive and non-curative product.  Paredes said it is important to provide protection in young plants, and performing annual treatments after periodic pruning. According to Paredes, prevention has a much lower cost than deforestation and replanting, not to mention crop losses.
The Tessior System has been developed to be used with costal equipment, an ergonomic backpack adjustable by an individual in the field, and does not need to be diluted in water. The application is made using a small pistol, which gives it great precision in directing the jet onto the pruning cuts made on the vine.
The result of 13-years of research, the product brings together the active ingredients present in several products launched in recent years by BASF, such as Cantus, Collis, Forum and Enervin. Miquel Sans, BASF's Technical Director of Vine, Grape and Fruit Trees, explains that this product offers fundamental prevention against vine pruning wounds. Noted Sans, "They are unpredictable, and when symptoms appear, it may be too late and the entire vineyard must be infected."
Sans points out that until the arrival of the Tessior System, the current biological products that fight fungal diseases of grapevine pruning have some application restrictions and not very high efficiencies, leaving as the only solution the replanting and elimination of infected shoots of the strains, resulting in great costs and significant losses. The Tessior System reaches 77% effectiveness in disease prevention.
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