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Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Launches the First Prothioconazole Product in Chinaqrcode

Feb. 26, 2019

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Feb. 26, 2019
China's agricultural production urgently needs to effectively prevent and control wheat scab, increase wheat yield, reduce the production of DON, improve the quality of wheat, and thus ensure crop security and food safety in China. Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Co., Ltd. has insisted on Prothioconazole for nine years, and the ‘Jiu Yao Jiu’ (trade name of Prothioconazole series products of JiuYi Agriculture) launched on February 17, 2019, which became the first Prothioconazole product in China markets

Mr. Shen Yunhe, the chairman of Anhui JiuYi 

Mr. Shen Yunhe, the chairman of Anhui JiuYi said, the Prothioconazole product development project was started in 2011. It lasted for 9 years and invested nearly 100 million RMB. After thousands of experiments and evaluations in the technical product synthesis, formulation development, product chemistry, toxicology, efficacy, residue, environmental implication, etc.,  the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural affairs issued the registration certificates for Prothioconazole 97% Technical and Prothioconazole 30% OD to JiuYi in December 2018.  This is the first registered Prothioconazole product in China, and the 30% OD formulation is the unique formulation type of Prothioconazole in the world.
The ‘Jiu Yao Jiu’ series of products are mainly used to control many diseases of cereal crops such as wheat and rice, and have excellent performance in controlling diseases of rapeseed, peanuts, beans and tomatoes. ‘Jiu Yao Jiu’ has a different action mode and site from other fungicide products on the market.  Prothioconazole 30%  OD  can be aerial spraying as well as  manual application with sprayer.The trade name of Prothioconazole 30% OD is “JiuYi Hanshou”. It means protecting the harvest, and protecting farmer and distributor’s money. ‘Jiu Yao Jiu’ can achieve rapid sedimentation, high penetration, high coverage of mist droplets, high utilization rate of pesticides, good effect and good environmental protection when using ultra-low-volume spray by UAV. The advantages of ‘Jiu Yao Jiu' include: wide spectrum of sterilization, no cross-resistance, high efficiency and production increasing, safe and environmental protection, excellent dosage form and reduced toxin.
The ‘JiuYaoJiu’ series of Prothioconazole products of JiuYi Agriculture, have been extensively tested and demonstrated in the areas of Suzhou City, Lu'an City, Fuyang City, Hefei City, Huainan City, Bengbu City in Anhui Province and other cities in Henan, Jiangsu and Shandong Province. The experimental demonstration area reached nearly one million mu. 
Through scientific statistics and accurate detection for the field trial demonstration of Prothiconazole 30% OD on wheat, the results show that the control effect is more than 90%, the functional leaves of wheat are greener, the senescence is delayed, the seeds are full, and the toxin is reduced by more than 60% when 40-45 ml Prothiconazole 30% OD is applied per mu at the stage of early wheat flowering, and a second application (5-7 days interval) is made. The product should be diluted by 30-45 liters of water in manual application, and by 0.8-1 liters of water in aerial application.  
As the Prothiconazole related products from JIUYI AGRICULTURE, JIUYAOJIU will open a new chapter in the history of China fungicides.

If you want to know more about the above-mentioned prothioconazole series products, or Anhui Jiuyi, please join the CPEW (China Pesticide Exporting Workshop) 2019 which will be held in July 4-5 in Hangzhou, China.

There will be more than 200+ leading Chinese agrochemical companies participate in this event and you can receive more information about China’s new products.

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