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Sep. 17, 2010

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Sep. 17, 2010

FMC Corporation today announced the introduction of Authority® XL herbicide, part of the Authority® herbicide line of products for soybeans. This new product offers best-in-class pre-emerge and burndown chemistries to control a broad spectrum of winter and summer annuals.

Authority XL helps growers get a head start on planting by controlling tough winter annuals after a fall application. When used as a spring pre-emergent herbicide, Authority XL gets fields off to a clean start by providing long-lasting residual control of troublesome summer annuals. Growers can improve their yield and crop quality with a timely application of Authority XL.

Authority XL herbicide Fall Treatment

"As growers have seen in the past two years, cool, wet conditions in the spring can hamper their ability to get in the field to make a burndown or post-emergent herbicide application," says Matt Foster, FMC Product Manager. "Early weed pressure can be especially problematic, robbing young soybeans of vital nutrients and sunlight. To ensure fields start clean and stay clean, use Authority XL in the fall."

An additional advantage of a fall application is that clean fields help soils warm up and dry more quickly in the spring, so that growers can begin planting earlier.

Field studies show that Authority XL provides excellent residual control versus competitive products. A study conducted at Southern Illinois University  shows that a tank mix of Authority® XL, combined with Rage® D-Tech and Roundup PowerMAX® herbicides provided almost 100 percent control of weeds such as chickweed, henbit, lambsquarters, marestAIl and pennycress compared to competitive tank mixes.
"Fall applications of Authority XL reduce early weed competition, which in turn protect yield potential, and also give the grower more flexibility on when to apply an in-crop glyphosate application," Foster says. "Fall applications can also be a great time management tool - by shifting that workload to the fall, you have more time to get everything done in the spring."

Authority XL herbicide Spring Application

Authority XL provides best-in-class performance as a springtime application as well. University of Missouri trial data shows that Authority XL provided excellent control (at least 90 percent control) of tough weeds such as common ragweed, giant ragweed, common lambsquarters, common cocklebur and common waterhemp.
"In a system where glyphosate is not providing the effectiveness of weed control as it has in the past, were seeing a lot of value in the use of residual herbicides in the spring," says Dr. Bryan Young, professor of weed science at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. "Growers really need to look at soil residual herbicides that…diversify our approach to weed management."
Authority XL provides two modes of action, making it an excellent tool for managing glyphosate-resistant weeds. Authority XL can be used as a fall or spring application. Authority XL offers two tiers of rates to meet specific growers needs. A reduced rate of 3.2-5.0 oz/A can be used as a foundation for burndown and residual weed control in Roundup Ready® or LibertyLink® soybean systems. For non-GMO soybeans and glyphosate-resistant weed populations, a full rate of Authority XL from 5.0-9.6 oz/A is recommended. See the label for complete use rate detAIls. It may also be applied with other crop protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers.

Source: FMC

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