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Bayer sugarcane manager Paulo Donadoni talks about the pre-launch of Provence Totalqrcode

Sep. 11, 2018

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Sep. 11, 2018

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
Bayer Sugarcane Product Marketing and Culture Strategy Manager Paulo Donadoni announced during the XXXI Brazilian Congress of Weed Science the pre-launch of Provence Total (indaziflam + isoxaflutole), which is characterized as a new alternative herbicide product for used in sugarcane. According to Donadoni, the new option can bring numerous practical results to the field.
"One of these results is a ready, specific and worked formulation, facilitating the process of handling the product in the field, the rate of preparation of a syrup, as well as its miscibility, homogeneity and all factors directly involving the field preparation," explained Donadoni .
In addition, the manager stated that the product paves the way for other possibilities, which was not possible with the old version of Provence. In this scenario, it mainly cites control for wide leaves. "As it has indaziflam as one of its components, it allows the treatment to offer a very interesting wide leaf control, and not just the control of narrow leaves that the producer is already accustomed to," he added.
The product is now being presented to the scientific community and is expected to be launched in mid-2019. The company seeks to guide agronomists and researchers over the product's results so that problems with the product are avoided. 
“We will schedule the release in phases and we believe that this launching trajectory can prove the effectiveness of the herbicide to the producer. In fact, the researchers and experts you already known enable you to have better technical assistance already in the first use of the product,” he said.
Source: AgroNews


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