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AMVAC launches Force 10G HL insecticideqrcode

Sep. 5, 2018

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Sep. 5, 2018
AMVAC Chemical Corporation announces the launch of Force 10G HL Insecticide for field corn, seed corn, sweet corn and popcorn.

Force 10G HL has a reliable pyrethroid mode of action for proven control of corn rootworms and seed-attacking pests, including Mexican corn rootworms, northern corn rootworms, southern corn rootworms, western corn rootworms, cutworms, lesser cornstalk borers, white grubs, wireworms, seedcorn maggots and seedcorn beetles. With three times the amount of active ingredient than in Force3G Insecticide, growers get the performance they expect with the convenience of fewer SmartBox containers, refills, pallets to store and boxes to unload, leaving more time to plant.

"AMVAC's new high load granular insecticide allows growers to plant more acres with fewer refills," said Jim Lappin, AMVAC crop marketing manager, corn and soybeans. "Force 10G is the most concentrated granular formulation of Force available in the market. With a typical 24 row planter, a grower could plant over 800 acres between fills. AMVAC's SmartBox closed system protects the applicator and Force 10G HL protects corn roots for healthier, stronger stands and better returns from the fields."

AMVAC is offering a grower rebate of $3/per acre with the purchase of Force 10G HL and either Impact or ImpactZ Herbicide in the same growing season. For more information on the Buy2Save3TM rebate program, visit http://www.amvac-offers.com/corn.


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