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Mycogen Seeds to launch 13 new SmartStax corn hybrids for 2011qrcode

Aug. 2, 2010

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Aug. 2, 2010

Mycogen Seeds will launch 13 new SmartStax hybrids within the companys 2011 grain corn lineup. MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids offer a lower 5-percent structured refuge(1) requirement, provide the broadest spectrum of insect protection ever available and enable growers to achieve higher whole farm yield potential.

"Elite MYCOGEN SmartStax grain corn hybrids were developed for maximum yield potential and feature the agronomic characteristics that growers demand for their acres," says Hank King, senior grain corn marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds.

By choosing MYCOGEN SmartStax, growers can plant a 5-percent structured refuge,(1) compared with the 20 percent structured refuge required by first-generation Bt traits. Studies also have shown that SmartStax corn hybrids offer an 11 bu./A potential yield advantage compared with non-insect traited corn hybrids under low insect pressure.

MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids provide broad-spectrum protection from both above- and below-ground corn insects, such as corn rootworm and corn borer, plus other key insects such as corn earworm, fall armyworm, black cutworm and western bean cutworm. The multiple modes of action featured in SmartStax hybrids attack insects at two different sites, making it much more difficult for insects to develop resistance to the technology.

Featured SmartStax corn hybrids

2J339 offers solid overall agronomic performance. This 92-day hybrid is a competitive performer in a wide variety of environments and production systems. It provides excellent fall health and late-season plant integrity. In addition, it adds very good drought-stress tolerance for lighter soils, along with a fast finish and very good grain drydown.

2A555 is a constant performer with outstanding yield potential. This 103-day tall hybrid has an outstanding defensive package and is widely adapted across a range of soil types and environments. It has solid standability and very good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and Gosss wilt. 2A555 provides good drought-stress tolerance and resistance to greensnap. It responds well to fertility, high population, fungicides and irrigation management.

2H566, a high-yielding performer, provides solid results from east to west. The 104-day hybrid offers good late-season intactness. It responds well to intensive management practices. Timely harvest is recommended for this hybrid.

2V715 is a 111-day hybrid with moderate plant height and ears placed above the centerline of the plant. The hybrid responds well to top management, including fertility, fungicide application and irrigation practices. The plant features medium-texture grain that shells easily from the cob and flex-ear style that adapts to a wide range of plant densities. It is widely adaptable east to west across the central Corn Belt.

2V738 combines high yield and excellent yield stability. It is widely adapted east to west and moves north and south well within its area of adaptation. The hybrid is a strong co-anchor with the 2T784 family in the 113- to 114-day lineup. 2V738 prefers corn-on-soybean environments, but also provides consistent yield in corn-on-corn environments. Its yield potential is optimized at higher plant densities.

2P768, boasting excellent roots, staygreen and gray leaf spot tolerance, combines high yield and excellent yield stability. The 113-day hybrid delivers consistent yield performance over a wide range of cropping rotations. It prefers corn-on-soybean environments, but also provides consistent yield in corn-on-corn environments. Its yield potential is optimized at higher plant densities.

2H759 is a 112-day hybrid that has a girthy consistent ear down the row. It responds well to high management practices and will benefit from a fungicide application.

2D775, a medium-height hybrid, has outstanding yield potential. The 114-day hybrid responds well to fertility, high population, fungicides and irrigation management practices. With moderate gray leaf spot tolerance, very strong Gosss wilt tolerance and a pink cob, it is a great companion hybrid to 2T789. The hybrid performs best at medium-high to high plant densities and is widely adapted east to west across the central Corn Belt.

A complete lineup

In total, Mycogen Seeds is adding 24 new hybrids with a wide range of relative maturities, agronomic characteristics and stacked trait technologies to its 2011 grain corn lineup.

"We are committed to providing growers the very best corn hybrids that are engineered for performance and protected by industry-leading technology. Our hybrids are time tested through extensive research and in-field testing to ensure they perform even in the toughest conditions," King says. "Growers can count on Mycogen Seeds for results."

Mycogen Seeds is a retail seed company of Dow AgroSciences LLC and a developer and marketer of leading corn hybrids, the market leader in SILAGE-SPECIFIC corn hybrids and sunflower hybrids, as well as an industry leader in canola, alfalfa, soybeans and sorghum.

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