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MS Technologies and Bayer announce commercialization of LibertyLink GT27 soybeansqrcode

Jul. 9, 2018

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Jul. 9, 2018

MS Technologies
United States  United States


MS Technologies™ and Bayer are pleased to announce the U.S. commercial launch of LibertyLink® GT27™ (Event FG72 x LL55) soybeans. The new LibertyLink® GT27™ trait stack will benefit soybean growers by being the first to market combining tolerance to Liberty® (glufosinate-ammonium), glyphosate and a new HPPD mode of action herbicide for soybeans, pending EPA approval. The trait will be available in elite soybean genetics for maximum yield potential. LibertyLink® GT27™ soybeans have received all of the required import approvals to advance to commercialization in 2019.

“Today we are excited to announce the full commercialization of LibertyLink® GT27™ soybeans,” says Joseph Merschman, president of MS Technologies. “We are excited because this new trait will provide a powerful solution for soybean growers, combining our best elite soybean genetics with multiple sites of action for outstanding weed control. This system combines maximum yield potential with effective, flexible and neighbor-friendly weed control – truly the best of both worlds.”

MS Technologies™ and Bayer have collaborated for more than a decade to bring soybean growers new herbicide-tolerant technologies, starting with the LibertyLink® system in 2009. LibertyLink® GT27™ represents the next evolution of this collaboration for the two companies, and the fact that it is the first-ever soybean trait to market to enable over the top use of both Liberty® (glufosinate-ammonium) and glyphosate means it will be an extremely strong alternative to current weed management options.

“The commercialization of LibertyLink® GT27™ soybeans is a great milestone for us in our continuous efforts to offer soybean growers more effective weed management solutions,” said Rick Turner, Head of Seeds for Bayer. “This approval to commercialize keeps us on track for our scheduled 2019 product launch, which is great news for farmers in the U.S.”

LibertyLink® GT27™ will be broadly licensed throughout North America. Currently over 100 seed companies have signed on to offer LibertyLink® GT27™ soybeans in their brands in 2019. Stakeholder communication will be ongoing supporting this commercialization.

Upon registration from the US Environmental Protection Agency, the new HPPDi (Group 27) herbicide under development will be the first of its kind available for use in soybeans. At this time there are no HPPDi herbicides approved for use on soybeans. Upon registration, Bayer will make more information about this new herbicide available.

About MS Technologies™

MS Technologies™ LLC is a leading trait, technology and soybean genetics provider. MS Technologies™ features a portfolio of in-house traits, as well as wide access to other traits and technologies through collaborative agreements with other parties. For more information on MS Technologies™, visit our website at www.mstechseed.com.


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